Psalm 101

Commitment_320x129This is my commitment as I sing my praise to You
I will walk uprightly it’s the least that I can do.

Walking in integrity before my family
Careful to protect my eyes from things I should not see.

I’ll keep myself from evil ways and those who walk astray
My heart from all perversity and pride will always stay away.

Deceivers, liars, wicked men with me can never dwell
I’ll do my part to cut them off and from our midst expel.

My life will be surrounded by the faithful of the land
And only those above reproach beside me e’er shall stand.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 99

beggar_bowingAll hail Adonai our great king!
Behold Him amidst cherubim
Tremble ye people and let the earth quake
Exalt Him for His own name’s sake.

Righteous and just is our king
Exalted above everything
Humbly we bow at His footstool just now
Awesome and holy art Thou.

When prophets and priests did appeal
Your presence to them You revealed
From pillar of cloud You answered aloud
Forgave them but judgment avowed.

We come to exalt Adonai
Before Him in Zion draw nigh
At His feet bow low, His holiness know
Our worship and honor bestow.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 97

LightningGlory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne
Far above all other gods, we make His greatness known
Heav’ns declare His righteousness and mountains melt like wax
The light’ning flashes, clouds surround, earth trembles at His acts
All peoples see His glory, His presence like a fire
Consumes His foes, lights up the earth, the islands doth inspire.

Bow down you nations of the earth and worship Adonai
Your worthless idols put to shame, the Lord is God Most High
Your people hear and sing for joy, your daughters all rejoice
Before the Lord who is Supreme lift up your heart and voice
Hate evil, ye who love the Lord, and He will rescue you
For He protects His godly ones who wickedness eschew.

Rejoice in Adonai, ye saints, and He will give you light
He fills with joy and gratitude all those who are upright
His throne is built on righteousness, His judgments just and fair
His holiness adorns His works, His power we declare
So bow to Him in holy fear, His sov’reign wisdom own
Shout “Glory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne!”

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 95

shepherd sheepCome, let’s sing to Adonai!
With thanksgiving we draw nigh
Shouts of praise and adulation
To the Rock of our salvation!

King above all gods is He
Maker, Master of the sea
Mountains, valleys, all the land
Shaped by His almighty hand.

Let us worship and bow down
Honor Him who wears the crown
God, our Shepherd, watch will keep
O’er His people, we, His sheep.

Hear now what the Lord would say
“Test Me not as in that day
When your fathers challenged Me
Though they all My work could see.

“Forty years My patience tried
In the wilderness they died
Wayward hearts know not My way
They, like sheep, have gone astray.

“In My anger I attest
‘Never shall they know My rest’”
Let us worship and bow down
Honor Him who wears the crown.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 93

wavesRobed in majesty He reigns
Clothed with strength o’er all domains
Adonai His throne secured
And forever has endured.

‘Stablished firm the world He made
Flooding waters may cascade
Thund’ring waves and breakers thrill
But the Lord is mightier still.

All Your promises are sure
Like You, Lord, they will endure
Pure and holy we must be
To forever dwell with Thee.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 91


I’m dwelling in the shelter of El Elyon
Abiding in the shadow of Shaddai
‘Tis Adonai I gladly call my Refuge
My Fortress and my God, in whom I trust.

For He alone can rescue from the hunter
And shield you from the deadly pestilence
Take refuge ‘neath His wings and He will hide you
His faithfulness a shield which you can trust.

So do not fear the terrors of the nighttime
Don’t worry ‘bout the arrows as they fly
Nor dread the plague that stalks you in the darkness
He will protect from trouble at high noon.

Just watch as ‘round you thousands fall defeated
As you stand there and look you will be safe
The wicked will receive the judgment due them
But you, all evil plagues will overcome.

Since Adonai, the Most High, is your refuge
The One to Whom you run when troubles come
You need not live in fear of some disaster
He will not let the plague come near your tent.

His angels will He send to watch and keep you
They’ll carry you and guard you on your way
Your feet won’t trip or stumble as you’re walking
Instead you’ll crush the lion and the snake.

“Because you love Me I will surely save you
Because you know My name I will protect
I’ll answer every time you call upon Me
And will be by your side when times are hard.

“My promise is to rescue and reward you
With honor and long life since you are Mine
Just call on Me and you will see salvation
This is the way that I bless all who trust.”

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 89

David anointed

Your mercies, O Lord, are the theme of my song
Your faithfulness I will declare
Forever Your mercy and grace will endure
I will sing of them all the day long.

“I’ve chosen My servant, a covenant made
Your seed I establish your throne will not fade
My promise to David forever will stand
Descendants shall reign evermore in this land.”

Behold, how the heavens Your wonders declare
Your faithfulness saints also tell
For who in the heavens is like unto Thee?
Not an angel or god can compare.

Indeed, all around You in reverence bow
The Lord God of hosts is supreme
More awesome than all who around Him do dwell
Your faithfulness all must avow.

By Your mighty arm all Your enemies flee
The sea in its raging is stilled
The sea monster, Rahab, You’ve crushed and destroyed
O Lord, there is no one like Thee.

The heavens are Yours and the earth You have made
The world and its fullness You formed
From north unto south all the mountains rejoice
Your great name like a banner displayed.

Your powerful hand is exalted on high
Before You dwell mercy and truth
With justice and righteousness You rule o’er all
On Your faithfulness all can rely.

How blest are the people who shout the glad sound
Who walk in the light of Your face
In Your holy name they rejoice all the day
For Your righteousness praises abound.

For You are our glory and strength, Adonai
By Your favor, exalted, we rule
Our king is from You, our protection and shield
All we need Your great hand doth supply.

In a vision You spoke to our fathers before
“I have raised up a warrior for you
‘Tis My servant David, anointed with oil
Upon him My great strength I’ll pour.”

“The wicked who hate him will never prevail
His foes I will fight and destroy
In My name he’ll conquer and crush enemies
And My covenant never will fail.”

“With My help his rule will extend far and wide
I will make him My cherished firstborn
He’ll call Me his Father, his God, and his Rock
In My love I’ll uphold and provide.”

“His reign I’ll establish, His throne keep secure
All the kings of the earth will bow down
Exalted, victorious, his kingdom remains
As long as the heavens endure.”

“And if his descendants My Law should forsake
I’ll punish their guilt with a rod
I’ll discipline soundly with firmness and wrath
The ones whom My statutes would break.”

“But I will not withdraw My love even then
My promises still I will keep
As sure as the sun and the moon in the sky
Forever his throne shall endure.”

But, Lord, Your anointed You’ve spurned in Your rage
The covenant has been forgot
His crown lies in dust, his walls broken down
He’s defeated by all who engage.

Our lives are cut short and we’re covered with shame
How long will You hide from our plight?
How long will Your anger consume us as fire
While enemies mock and defame?

Remember, O Lord, that our lives are so short
How fragile we are without You
How futile our efforts to live and not die
And the pow’r of the grave to abort.

O Adonai, where is Your former great love
Your acts of deliv’rance and might?
To David You swore Your allegiance and help
Your assistance from heaven above.

Remember, O Lord, the reproach that we bear
How our enemies hold us in scorn
Every step that we take they are there to oppose
Leaving us in deep shame and despair.

In conclusion we praise Him again and again
As we say, “Bless the Lord evermore”
You are faithful and true and worthy of trust
Bless the Lord, Amen and amen.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 84

BirdsO how I love Your dwelling-place
And for its courts I long
My soul, my heart, my flesh rejoice
And burst forth into song.

O Lord of hosts what glory dwells
Among Your altars fair
My King, my God, how blest are those
Who make their dwelling there.

O that I might be like the birds
Whose house is nestled near
And like them lift a song of praise
To You throughout the year.

What joy as pilgrims make their way
Toward Zion’s holy hill
The desert pathways become springs
Their souls Your strength doth fill.

From strength to strength till they appear
Before God’s holy mount
Their heart a highway to His courts
To the life-giving fount.

O Lord of hosts, now hear my prayer
O God of Jacob, heed
Bestow Your favor on the king
Look on our face, we plead.

A single day spent in Your courts
Thousands elsewhere exceeds
I’d rather stand inside Your door
Than dwell ‘mongst evil deeds.

From Adonai, our sun, our shield
Glory and grace unfold
From those who walk in righteousness
No good will He withhold.

O Lord of hosts, You are so good
Truly the man is blest
Who puts his trust in You alone
And finds in You his rest.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 83

Jerusalem-70-ADO God, do not in silence wait
While enemies throng at the gate
Do not be deaf to battle cries
As many ‘gainst us now arise.

In arrogance we hear them shout
“Come, allies, let us wipe them out
The name of Israel will be gone
Fore’er forgot, the curtain drawn.”

O God, see how they rant and rage
The nations gather to engage
They plot their schemes to us undo
Their covenant is against You.

So do to them like Midian
Like Sisera and King Jabin
Destroy them like our enemies
Who in the past our land did seize.

O God, like chaff, blow them away
Like raging fire consume, we pray
With storm and tempest put to shame
Until they bow before Your name.

O Adonai, they must be stilled
For all the blood that they have spilled
In their disgrace they all must die
And learn that You are Lord Most High.

O’er all the earth You reign supreme
And bring to naught the wicked scheme
With truth and justice You prevail
Until all nations Your name hail.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 81

MeribahSing and celebrate, shout for joy
Blow the shofar, festive songs employ
New moon, full moon, every feast day
Tamborines and harps are waiting to be played.

This jubilation commanded by our God
As we left Egypt by Moses’ rod
What is this language I have not heard?
From the mouth of God, listen to His word.

“Call to mind when your burdens I relieved
And from your oppressors I gave you reprieve
You were in trouble and called out to Me
I answered from the thunderclouds and set you free.

“Remember what I said on Meribah’s plain?
‘Hear, O My people, and let me explain
Listen very closely, please hear what I say
From every foreign god you must stay away.

“I, the Lord, your God, rescued you from Egypt land
If you will obey Me, choose to heed My command
I will fill your mouth when you open it wide
All that you desire I’ll abundantly provide.

“But you would not heed or listen to My voice
So I let you go to your own stubborn choice
You rejected Me and then went your own way
Sadly I watched as you proudly went astray.

“Oh I wish My people would listen to Me
How quickly I’d subdue all their enemies
If My chosen people would just walk in My way
Protection and deliv’rance I could then display.

“Enemies of Adonai will meet their doom
But those I love and cherish I will cause to bloom
With honey from the rock I will satisfy
They’ll eat the living bread and they will never die.”

© 2014 J Dan Small