Psalm 146

Psalm 146Praise the Lord, yes, praise the Lord,
Let all that is within me praise my God
As long as I shall live, until my dying breath
My soul, my life, my voice will give Him laud.

Don’t put your trust in mortal man
They cannot save, they too shall pass away
When princes breath their last, their soul returns to dust
And all the plans they made be gone that day.

But blest the one who hopes in God
Whose help comes from the One who made all things
He keeps His promises, gives justice to the poor
And to the pris’ner joyful freedom brings.

The Lord who made the earth and sky
Feeds hungry souls and opens blinded eyes
All those weighed down lifts up, protects the foreigner
The needs of orphans, widows, won’t despise.

All godly ones are loved by Him
But plans of wicked men He will destroy
The Lord will reign forever, He will be your God
Oh, praise the Lord, God’s people, with great joy.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 131

weanedLike a child calm and still, Lord
Resting ‘gainst it’s mother’s chest
Is my soul in Your strong arms, Lord
Knowing You’ll do what is best.

I choose not to fill my mind with
Anxious thoughts and questions why
Humbly take life as You give it
Never on myself rely.

All God’s people, hear this anthem
Put your hope in Adonai
From this time and through forever
Trust the Lord who dwells on high.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 115

idolTo us no glory can belong but only to Your name
‘Tis Your unfailing love and truth we joyfully proclaim.

The nations ask, “Where is their God?” in taunting voice and shrill
Our sov’reign God dwells high above and does whate’er He will.

They think their gods superior of silver and of gold
Mere stony relics they have made and in their hands can hold.

With muted mouths and sightless eyes and ears that are not real
Idols with noses that can’t smell and hands that cannot feel.

They do have feet but cannot move, their voiceless throats are dumb
All those who made or trust in them will soon, like them, become.

O Israel, put your trust in God, He is your help and shield
O house of Aaron, turn to Him, He is your help and shield.

All those who fear the Lord can trust –He is your help and shield
Your Lord has kept you on His mind, His blessings hath revealed.

The Lord will bless all Israel, the house of Aaron, too
To small and great who fear the Lord His blessings will accrue.

May Adonai increase your clan, your children all give birth
May you be blessed by Adonai, Maker of heav’n and earth.

The heav’ns above belong to Him, they are His dwelling-place
The earth is ours to tend and keep, made for the human race.

The dead do not praise Adonai, in silent stillness lie
But as for us, we’ll bless the Lord from this time forth for aye.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 91


I’m dwelling in the shelter of El Elyon
Abiding in the shadow of Shaddai
‘Tis Adonai I gladly call my Refuge
My Fortress and my God, in whom I trust.

For He alone can rescue from the hunter
And shield you from the deadly pestilence
Take refuge ‘neath His wings and He will hide you
His faithfulness a shield which you can trust.

So do not fear the terrors of the nighttime
Don’t worry ‘bout the arrows as they fly
Nor dread the plague that stalks you in the darkness
He will protect from trouble at high noon.

Just watch as ‘round you thousands fall defeated
As you stand there and look you will be safe
The wicked will receive the judgment due them
But you, all evil plagues will overcome.

Since Adonai, the Most High, is your refuge
The One to Whom you run when troubles come
You need not live in fear of some disaster
He will not let the plague come near your tent.

His angels will He send to watch and keep you
They’ll carry you and guard you on your way
Your feet won’t trip or stumble as you’re walking
Instead you’ll crush the lion and the snake.

“Because you love Me I will surely save you
Because you know My name I will protect
I’ll answer every time you call upon Me
And will be by your side when times are hard.

“My promise is to rescue and reward you
With honor and long life since you are Mine
Just call on Me and you will see salvation
This is the way that I bless all who trust.”

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 62

Prayer2In silence, God, my soul does wait
Salvation comes from You
My Rock and Stronghold in the fray
I know that You’ll come through.

How long will you attack a man
And strive to destroy him?
Deceivers, murd’rers, full of plans
Whose hearts are full of sin.

In silence, God, my soul does wait
My hope resides in You
My Rock and Stronghold day by day
Unshaken, I’ll come through.

My safety and my glory rest
On God, my Rock of strength
In Him, at all times, You can trust
Pour out your heart at length.

Don’t place your trust in puny men
Their lives are but a breath
In vain their hope on wealth depends
But soon will end in death.

Hear now the words that God would speak
All power is the Lord’s
So, too, the grace we all would seek
Our trust He thus rewards.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 61

Hear my cry, O God
Hearken to my prayer
When my heart is overwhelmed
Let me know You care.

From the ends of earth, I call
Unto You I cry
Lead me to the Rock, O Lord
Set my feet on high.Rock

You have been my shelter, Lord
A strong tow’r to hide
When my enemies surround
With You I’ll abide.

In the shelter of Your wings
I can trust for e’er
You have heard my vows, O God
And my life You spare.

What a heritage I have
Those who fear Your name
Keep me in Your love and truth
Your praise I proclaim.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 57

AdullumBackstory: 1 Samuel 24 Written by David when he was running for his life from Saul. This Psalm was composed in the back of a cave.

O God, have mercy, have mercy on me
You are my Refuge, to You I must flee
Under the shadow of Your wings I’ll hide
And as the storm passes, with You I’ll abide.

I cry out to God, the Most High, in this test
He’s sure to come through for He knows what is best
He’ll send down salvation from heaven above
Destroy all my foes in His mercy and love.

Fire-breathing dragons and lions surround
Men with sharp teeth and mean words do abound
Meanwhile in heaven God reigns over all
His glory shines brightest when on Him we call.

The wicked lay traps and dig pits for my soul
But then their foot slips and they fall in the hole
My heart remains steadfast just trusting in You
That’s why I can sing e’en when troubles ensue.

Morning has come and it’s time to awake
I’ll take up my harp and sweet music I’ll make
Among all the nations I’ll thank Adonai
Whose great grace and truth extend to the sky.

O God, I exalt You, declare Your great worth
I would that Your glory be o’er all the earth!
O God, I exalt You, declare Your great worth
I would that Your glory be o’er all the earth!

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 56

prayerO God, Your grace extend
So many with me now contend
They lie in wait, hearts filled with hate
Would leave me trampled in the end.

But when I am afraid
I turn to God, whose word I praise
I trust in You, what can man do?
Despite their threats I’m not dismayed.

All day my words distort
Their wicked plot my path to thwart
They stir up strife, would take my life
O God, make all their plans fall short.

But You record my woes
In Your book note each tear that flows
My foes will flee, God is for me
In Adonai I will repose.

But when I am afraid
I turn to God, whose word I praise
I trust in You, what can man do?
Despite their threats I’m not dismayed.

And now to You I bring
A sacrifice, thank offering
You rescued me, set my feet free
Alive, I walk before my King.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 55

betrayalnote: This psalm has taken three days and three complete rewrites. It presents one of life’s most painful trials -betrayal by a friend. The melody that shaped these stanzas is Keith Green’s “O Lord, You’re Beautiful.” The haunting tone seems to convey the pathos of the Psalmist. The indented stanzas are a sort of chorus that call for a more hopeful tempo.

O God, please hear my prayer
Don’t hide Your face from me
My soul is restless and distraught
Oppressed by enemies.

I hear their vicious threats
And feel o’erwhelmed with fear
Their rage is fueled by some deep grudge
I’m sure my end is near.

If only I could fly with the wings of a dove
I’d soar to safety far away
A hiding place in rocks above
Escape this wild and raging fray.

O Lord, destroy their plans
The streets are filled with strife
Their wicked plots, deceptive schemes
All aimed against my life.

This foe was once my friend
I thought we were so close
But he betrayed and turned on me
And taunts me with his boasts.

But I will call on the Lord to save
Morning, noon, and night, complain and moan
He hears my voice, redeems my soul
I do not wage this war alone.

My God will humble you
From His eternal throne
You broke our trust and would not change
No fear of God you’ve known.

Your words were smooth and soft
Yet war was in your heart
Behind my back they were drawn swords
Deceiving from the start.

The saints can cast their cares on Him
He will sustain, protect, and save
Not so the wicked, treach’rous souls
For God will send them to the grave.

But righteous ones can trust in You
No matter what the wicked do
You’re upright, holy, good, and just
In You alone I put my trust.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 37

Don’t be so jealous of those who do bad
And don’t you be coveting all that they have
It won’t be too long ‘fore their life is no more
And all their prosperity soon will be o’er.

Trust in the Lord and do good everyday
And plant your feet firmly on His narrow way
Delight yourself only in what He requires
And He’ll give to you all that your heart desires.

Give Him control of the path that you take
Entrust to Him all of the plans that you make
As you do these things He will cause you to shine
With goodness and justice and new life divine.

So, patiently wait and find rest now in Him
Don’t fret or be anxious about those who sin
Don’t focus on evil that sinners may do
And don’t become angry, it’s not good for you.

Just wait a short while and they will be no more
But wait on the Lord, He will open new doors
For all of their boasting there’s nothing to show
But, rivers of peace on the meek overflow.

Against godly people the wicked may plot
Be sure that the Lord will bring their plans to naught
They may bend their bows and take out their great sword
It all will come back on themselves, laughs the Lord.

Far better than riches of the wicked throngs
May be the few things that to righteous belong
The wealth of the sinner will soon be dispersed
The plight of the righteous, the Lord will reverse.

The Lord watches over the lives of His saints
So even in famine they’ll have no complaints
The blessings that He gives forever will last
They inherit the earth, and its wealth amass.

The wicked will perish and vanish away
They constantly borrow but never repay
The righteous show mercy and give lib’rally
That’s why the Lord blesses them eternally.

The steps of a good man the Lord oversees
His actions and words cause the Lord to be pleased
And tho he may falter or stumble and fall
The Lord holds his hand and will raise him up tall.

I’ve lived many years and don’t think I’m mistaken
But never have seen any righteous forsaken
Their children aren’t starving or begging for bread
They’re merciful, constantly giving instead.

I hope from this poem you learn that you should
Depart from all evil and only do good
With justice the Lord always is satisfied
And from those who fear Him He never will hide.

The mouth of the righteous speaks only what’s right
And wisdom and justice are his great delight
In his heart is hidden the law of his God
His steps will be solid wherever he plod.

Be sure that the wicked will soon be cut down
But your generations forever abound
So don’t be dismayed when they try to assail
The Lord cares for you and will cause them to fail.

So wait on the Lord and stay fixed on His path
You’ll get the Lord’s blessing, the wicked -His wrath
Although they have flourished like massive green trees
They’ll soon pass away and be gone like a breeze.

So note the upright and the blameless observe
A life full of peace now for them is reserved
I’ve said it before but must say it once more
Transgressors have nothing but trouble in store.

Salvation for righteous will come from the Lord
His help and deliv’rance a certain reward
He’ll give them His strength to endure the hard day
Because they have trusted in Him all the way.

© 2014 J Dan Small