Psalm 97

LightningGlory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne
Far above all other gods, we make His greatness known
Heav’ns declare His righteousness and mountains melt like wax
The light’ning flashes, clouds surround, earth trembles at His acts
All peoples see His glory, His presence like a fire
Consumes His foes, lights up the earth, the islands doth inspire.

Bow down you nations of the earth and worship Adonai
Your worthless idols put to shame, the Lord is God Most High
Your people hear and sing for joy, your daughters all rejoice
Before the Lord who is Supreme lift up your heart and voice
Hate evil, ye who love the Lord, and He will rescue you
For He protects His godly ones who wickedness eschew.

Rejoice in Adonai, ye saints, and He will give you light
He fills with joy and gratitude all those who are upright
His throne is built on righteousness, His judgments just and fair
His holiness adorns His works, His power we declare
So bow to Him in holy fear, His sov’reign wisdom own
Shout “Glory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne!”

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 96 – A New Song

musicCome, let us sing a new song to the Lord
Sing to the Lord all the earth!
Tell of His wonders and marvelous word
Sing, bless His name, praise His worth!

Great is the Lord so greatly we praise
He is supreme over all
Honor and majesty, strength He displays
Humbly before Him we fall.

All other gods are mere idols and frauds
He made the heavens above
Come to His presence, His beauty applaud
Sing of His pow’r and His love.

Worship the Lord for His glory and might
Give Him the glory that’s due
Tremble before Him, O earth be contrite
With His holy splendor imbued.

Tell the whole world that our Lord is the King
Firmly the world shall remain
Heavens rejoice and the forests all sing
The oceans and fields all exclaim!

The judge of the earth, Adonai, draweth near
His judgment is righteous and fair
Bow down before Him in reverent fear
Your heart and your soul now prepare.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 83

Jerusalem-70-ADO God, do not in silence wait
While enemies throng at the gate
Do not be deaf to battle cries
As many ‘gainst us now arise.

In arrogance we hear them shout
“Come, allies, let us wipe them out
The name of Israel will be gone
Fore’er forgot, the curtain drawn.”

O God, see how they rant and rage
The nations gather to engage
They plot their schemes to us undo
Their covenant is against You.

So do to them like Midian
Like Sisera and King Jabin
Destroy them like our enemies
Who in the past our land did seize.

O God, like chaff, blow them away
Like raging fire consume, we pray
With storm and tempest put to shame
Until they bow before Your name.

O Adonai, they must be stilled
For all the blood that they have spilled
In their disgrace they all must die
And learn that You are Lord Most High.

O’er all the earth You reign supreme
And bring to naught the wicked scheme
With truth and justice You prevail
Until all nations Your name hail.

© 2014 J Dan Small