Psalm 150

Psalm 150Praise the Lord!

Praise Him in His holy place, His mighty heav’n above
Praise Him for His mighty acts, surpassing greatness laud
Sound forth the shofar, lute and harp
Let all things bless our God.

Praise with tambourine and dance, with flutes and horns and strings
Cymbals crashing long and loud their joyful noise supply
Let every living, breathing thing
Sing praise to Adonai.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 149

danceHallelujah!  Sing a new song to the Lord, ye saints!
Rejoice in Adonai, your Maker, bless the Lord, your King
Praise His name in song and dance, with tambourine and harp
The Lord takes pleasure in His people, let your voices ring!

Sing for joy ye humble saints, adorned with saving grace
Relish the glory He bestows, sing as you lie in bed
Recite His praises with your lips, lift up your joyful song
Prepare your swords for battle, o’er the wicked you will tread.

To execute God’s judgment on the nations is your call
The punishment He has decreed earth’s nobles can’t forestall
You’ll bind their kings in irons and chains, their fate on them will fall
This is His saints great privilege so praise Him above all.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 148

StarsHallelujah!  Praise the Lord ye heavens in the heights
Praise Him all angels, heaven’s hosts, sun, moon, and stars so bright
Ye clouds and vapors high above by His command take flight
By His decree their bound’ries set, established day and night.

And from the earth and ocean depths all creatures too must praise
His word fulfill ye stormy blast, hail, snow, and fires that blaze
Mountains and hills, all kinds of trees, and all the beasts that graze
The creeping things and birds that fly must all their voices raise.

Kings, princes, rulers of the earth, young men and maidens, too
The children, elders of the land, His glorious works review
All praise the name of Adonai who has exalted you
We praise the Lord who brings us near and gives us strength anew.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 147

Psalm 147Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  How good to sing to God
‘Tis fitting, pleasant, beautiful, when saints, His works applaud.

He gathers in the outcast ones and heals their broken hearts
He binds their wounds, rebuilds their lives, and to them hope imparts.

This glorious God knows all the stars, calls each one out by name
His wisdom far beyond our own, His greatness we proclaim.

The wicked He casts to the ground, the humble He sustains
Take up your harp with thanksgiving, sing out melodious strains.

He spreads the clouds across the skies, sends rain for crops to grow
He feeds young ravens and the beasts, their needs He doth bestow.

He takes no pleasure in the strength of horse or human might
But in all those who hope in Him He does take great delight.

Praise the Lord, ye chosen ones, for all the ways He’s blessed
The finest wheat your children eat, enjoying peace and rest.

With just a word He sends forth snow and frost and hail and cold
Then sends a word and melts it all, ‘tis all by Him controlled.

How special that you hear His word, His statutes, rules and ways
No other people have a God who thus Himself displays.

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  How good to sing to God
‘Tis fitting, pleasant, beautiful, when saints, His works applaud.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 146

Psalm 146Praise the Lord, yes, praise the Lord,
Let all that is within me praise my God
As long as I shall live, until my dying breath
My soul, my life, my voice will give Him laud.

Don’t put your trust in mortal man
They cannot save, they too shall pass away
When princes breath their last, their soul returns to dust
And all the plans they made be gone that day.

But blest the one who hopes in God
Whose help comes from the One who made all things
He keeps His promises, gives justice to the poor
And to the pris’ner joyful freedom brings.

The Lord who made the earth and sky
Feeds hungry souls and opens blinded eyes
All those weighed down lifts up, protects the foreigner
The needs of orphans, widows, won’t despise.

All godly ones are loved by Him
But plans of wicked men He will destroy
The Lord will reign forever, He will be your God
Oh, praise the Lord, God’s people, with great joy.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 145

Psalm 145My God, O King, I bless Your name,
Each day extol and praise
Forever I’ll declare Your fame
You cease not to amaze!

Great is the Lord, worthy of praise
Beyond what minds can know
Each generation thus displays
Your pow’rful acts they show.

Majestic, glorious miracles
Declared by every tongue
Your goodness every spirit thrills
And joyful songs are sung.

Gracious, full of compassion, Lord
And slow to anger, too
By all Your works You are adored
We all give thanks to You.

With goodness and unfailing love
In glory You now reign
Your mighty acts we will speak of
Forever You remain.

The Lord lifts up all those who fall
And those bent low with cares
The Lord Is near to all who call
He hears their feeble prayers.

The eyes of all look to Your hand
Their needs You will supply
All living things wait Your command
Their wants You satisfy.

All the Lord’s deeds are right and kind
As those who fear Him know
The wicked are to death confined
Destroyed and filled with woe.

The Lord preserves all who love Him
Our mouths proclaim His praise
His name we bless with this our hymn
And shall through endless days.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 144

psalm-144-1Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war
My steadfast love, deliverer, my shield and so much more
You make me fit for battle, Lord, and give me victory
How is it that you care so much for mortal men like me?

Our days are like a breath of air, a fleeting shadow passed
Lord, open wide the heavens now, come down with mighty blast
Hurl lightning bolts, shoot arrows, Lord, confuse the enemy
From lying lips of strangers, Lord, reach out and rescue me.

Then with my harp I’ll sing new songs, a song of praise to You
You rescue me from cruel swords, my enemies subdue.
In safety now, our sons can grow to full maturity
Our daughters, too, like pillars stand, in royal dignity.

Your blessing fills our barns with good, our flocks and herds increase
With safety and prosperity you bless our city’s streets
Such is the happy state of all who know You as their Lord
With untold blessings, loving care, their trust You do reward.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 143

Psalm 143Hear my pleas for mercy, Lord
You always do what’s right
Please don’t condemn or judge me now
None’s righteous in Your sight.

My spirit faints, my heart distressed
Pursued by foes, I fled
Left all alone in darkness, Lord
Like those who are long dead.

Then I remember days of old
Great works You did at first
I stretch my hands to You in prayer
My soul for You doth thirst.

Come quickly, Lord, and answer me
Depression takes control
Don’t hide Your face or I will die
I lift to You my soul.

May morning bring Your steadfast love
I trust You, help me learn
Show me the pathway I should take
‘Tis You to whom I turn.

Rescue me from these enemies
I run to You to hide
Teach me to do Your will, my God
Straight paths Your Spirit guide.

For Your name’s sake, preserve my life
Free me from this distress
Silence, destroy my enemies
In love, Your servant bless

© J Dan Small

Psalm 142

faint spiritTo You, O Lord, I lift my voice
I plead for mercy, too
I’ll pour out my complaints and fears
For no one cares but You.

My spirit faints, is overwhelmed
You know each step I take
My foes oppress, set traps for me
All who should care forsake.

And so I cry to You, O Lord
My place of refuge dear
When I am down and feeling low
I cry to You, “Draw near!”

Deliver from these enemies
They are too strong for me
Then I’ll give thanks ‘midst godly crowds
For You’ve dealt bountif’lly!

© J Dan Small

Psalm 141

0422x-Sunrise-Hands-Lifted-High-Praise-700879_77376177I lift my hands, a sacrifice
My prayer, as incense sweet
Please hear me when I cry to You
Make haste my needs to meet.

Please guard my tongue, watch o’er my lips
From evil keep my heart
Let me not eat sin’s tempting fruit
But from their ways depart.

When with the rod the righteous strike
‘Tis kindness to my soul
I’ll not refuse their stern rebuke
For it can make me whole.

But ‘gainst the wicked I will pray
‘Till o’er the cliff they’re cast
My fitting words they’ll know were true
Their bones at Sheol amassed.

I look to You for help, O Lord
My refuge from the foe
Don’t let me fall in traps they set
Let them be caught there, though.

© J Dan Small