Psalm 115

idolTo us no glory can belong but only to Your name
‘Tis Your unfailing love and truth we joyfully proclaim.

The nations ask, “Where is their God?” in taunting voice and shrill
Our sov’reign God dwells high above and does whate’er He will.

They think their gods superior of silver and of gold
Mere stony relics they have made and in their hands can hold.

With muted mouths and sightless eyes and ears that are not real
Idols with noses that can’t smell and hands that cannot feel.

They do have feet but cannot move, their voiceless throats are dumb
All those who made or trust in them will soon, like them, become.

O Israel, put your trust in God, He is your help and shield
O house of Aaron, turn to Him, He is your help and shield.

All those who fear the Lord can trust –He is your help and shield
Your Lord has kept you on His mind, His blessings hath revealed.

The Lord will bless all Israel, the house of Aaron, too
To small and great who fear the Lord His blessings will accrue.

May Adonai increase your clan, your children all give birth
May you be blessed by Adonai, Maker of heav’n and earth.

The heav’ns above belong to Him, they are His dwelling-place
The earth is ours to tend and keep, made for the human race.

The dead do not praise Adonai, in silent stillness lie
But as for us, we’ll bless the Lord from this time forth for aye.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 108

grace-and-gloryO God, my heart is set on praise –to lift my voice to You
At break of dawn I’ll sing and play a melody that’s new
All peoples hear my song of thanks, my praises as they rise
To You whose love and faithfulness is higher than the skies.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens
May the radiance of Your glory fill the earth
In the midst of battle, hear, and bring salvation
By Your strong right hand deliver those You love.

In Your holiness You gave Your word of promise
“I’ll divide the land and give each one their portion
Every tribe will know their place and play a role
O’er your foes I cast my shoe and shout in triumph.”

But You, O God, have cast us off and left us on our own
How can we take the fortresses and break through Edom’s walls?
Mere human help is sure to fail, please help against our foes
With You we can do valiantly ‘gainst all who do oppose.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 97

LightningGlory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne
Far above all other gods, we make His greatness known
Heav’ns declare His righteousness and mountains melt like wax
The light’ning flashes, clouds surround, earth trembles at His acts
All peoples see His glory, His presence like a fire
Consumes His foes, lights up the earth, the islands doth inspire.

Bow down you nations of the earth and worship Adonai
Your worthless idols put to shame, the Lord is God Most High
Your people hear and sing for joy, your daughters all rejoice
Before the Lord who is Supreme lift up your heart and voice
Hate evil, ye who love the Lord, and He will rescue you
For He protects His godly ones who wickedness eschew.

Rejoice in Adonai, ye saints, and He will give you light
He fills with joy and gratitude all those who are upright
His throne is built on righteousness, His judgments just and fair
His holiness adorns His works, His power we declare
So bow to Him in holy fear, His sov’reign wisdom own
Shout “Glory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne!”

© 2014  J Dan Small