Psalm 119 – צ Tsadhe

hands on Bible tṣad·dîq, righteous and just, Lord, in all that You do
Your judgments impartial, trustworthy, and true.

tṣiw·wî·ṯā, all Your commands, testimonies, decrees
are utterly perfect because they’re from Thee.

tṣim·mə·ṯaṯ·nî, all torn up inside, I’m upset and dismayed
at how all my enemies Your laws degrade.

tṣə·rū·p̄āh, pure and refined, proven right every time
Your word, Lord, I love, gladly claim it as mine.

tṣā·‘îr, small and looked-down on, by others despised
I look to Your precepts, by me they are prized.

tṣiḏ·qā·ṯə·ḵā, Your righteousness forever will unchanging stand
Your Torah, the truth, an enduring command.

Tsunamis of trouble have swept over me
still I will delight in Your righteous decree.

tṣe·ḏeq, so right are Your words they will last evermore
help me understand so I’ll live, I implore.

This Hebrew letter is unusual for English-speaking tongues to verbalize.  That’s why the only common word in English that starts with the ts sound is tsunami.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 93

wavesRobed in majesty He reigns
Clothed with strength o’er all domains
Adonai His throne secured
And forever has endured.

‘Stablished firm the world He made
Flooding waters may cascade
Thund’ring waves and breakers thrill
But the Lord is mightier still.

All Your promises are sure
Like You, Lord, they will endure
Pure and holy we must be
To forever dwell with Thee.

© 2014 J Dan Small