Psalm 83

Jerusalem-70-ADO God, do not in silence wait
While enemies throng at the gate
Do not be deaf to battle cries
As many ‘gainst us now arise.

In arrogance we hear them shout
“Come, allies, let us wipe them out
The name of Israel will be gone
Fore’er forgot, the curtain drawn.”

O God, see how they rant and rage
The nations gather to engage
They plot their schemes to us undo
Their covenant is against You.

So do to them like Midian
Like Sisera and King Jabin
Destroy them like our enemies
Who in the past our land did seize.

O God, like chaff, blow them away
Like raging fire consume, we pray
With storm and tempest put to shame
Until they bow before Your name.

O Adonai, they must be stilled
For all the blood that they have spilled
In their disgrace they all must die
And learn that You are Lord Most High.

O’er all the earth You reign supreme
And bring to naught the wicked scheme
With truth and justice You prevail
Until all nations Your name hail.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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