Psalm 132

Davids ThroneLord, remember David’s longing
And the solemn vow he swore?
“I will give myself no respite
‘Till I find a place for You.”

When Your ark was found in Jaar
Symbol of Your mighty pow’r
Priests arrayed in righteous garments
Joined the saints in joyous song.

“Let us worship at His footstool
Go into His dwelling place”
For the Lord has chosen Zion
As His resting place fore’er.

Lord, remember too, Your promise
Unto David’s royal line
If they would obey Your cov’nant
They would reign till end of time.

Adonai has chosen Zion
As His permanent abode
“This is where I want My home
Plenteous blessings have bestowed.”

“I will prosper priest and pauper
All who dwell in her rejoice
Clothe her enemies with shame but
Give to David a shining crown.”

© J Dan Small

Psalm 84

BirdsO how I love Your dwelling-place
And for its courts I long
My soul, my heart, my flesh rejoice
And burst forth into song.

O Lord of hosts what glory dwells
Among Your altars fair
My King, my God, how blest are those
Who make their dwelling there.

O that I might be like the birds
Whose house is nestled near
And like them lift a song of praise
To You throughout the year.

What joy as pilgrims make their way
Toward Zion’s holy hill
The desert pathways become springs
Their souls Your strength doth fill.

From strength to strength till they appear
Before God’s holy mount
Their heart a highway to His courts
To the life-giving fount.

O Lord of hosts, now hear my prayer
O God of Jacob, heed
Bestow Your favor on the king
Look on our face, we plead.

A single day spent in Your courts
Thousands elsewhere exceeds
I’d rather stand inside Your door
Than dwell ‘mongst evil deeds.

From Adonai, our sun, our shield
Glory and grace unfold
From those who walk in righteousness
No good will He withhold.

O Lord of hosts, You are so good
Truly the man is blest
Who puts his trust in You alone
And finds in You his rest.

© 2014 J Dan Small