Psalm 119 – ס Samekh

Hiding-placeSê·‘ă·p̄îm, double-minded, I surely detest
but I love Your law, to its virtues attest.

Since You are my shield and my safe hiding-place
I hope in Your word and its truths I embrace.

Scram!  Take your sick minds and go far, far away
I obey God, from His word will not stray.

Support me, stand by me, Your promise fulfill
do not crush my hopes, let me live if You will.

Sustain me and save me, deliver from death
I’ll ponder Your precepts until my last breath.

Scoundrels and fools, You reject all who stray
deceived in their folly they won’t go Your way.

Si·ḡîm, like dross, wicked You skim off the earth
I love Your just ways, will declare their great worth.

Sā·mar, trembling, shaking my flesh is in fear
Your judgments and rulings I know are severe.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 114

Moses Strikes RockWhen Isra’el came from Egypt’s land
And freedom did obtain
Judah became God’s dwelling-place
And Israel His domain.

The Red Sea and the Jordan fled
When Israel drew near
The mountains and the hills convulsed
Why this display of fear?

Tremble, O earth, your Lord is nigh
His presence who can bear?
Who brings forth water from a rock
None can with Him compare.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 99

beggar_bowingAll hail Adonai our great king!
Behold Him amidst cherubim
Tremble ye people and let the earth quake
Exalt Him for His own name’s sake.

Righteous and just is our king
Exalted above everything
Humbly we bow at His footstool just now
Awesome and holy art Thou.

When prophets and priests did appeal
Your presence to them You revealed
From pillar of cloud You answered aloud
Forgave them but judgment avowed.

We come to exalt Adonai
Before Him in Zion draw nigh
At His feet bow low, His holiness know
Our worship and honor bestow.

© 2014  J Dan Small