Psalm 138

bowing-down-3I give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart
Bowing down I sing Your praise, declare Your fame
Steadfast love ever new
To Your promise always true
Magnified Your precious Word above Your name.

On the day that I called You answered me
Made me bold with Your strength within my soul
Mighty kings sing Your praise
Declare the glory of Your ways
And the words from Your mouth they will extol.

Though the Lord is great, exalted on high
To the humble He draws near with great care
But haughty and proud
He has surely disavowed
Let us bring to Him our burdens now in prayer.

Tho I walk in midst of trouble, You preserve
You deliver from my foes ill-tempered plans
Your hand You stretch out
My salvation bring about
You will not forsake the work of Your hands.

© J Dan Small


worship2Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
With thanks my heart o’erflows
Amazed, I have His works explored
This song for Him composed.

Words can’t describe His glorious deeds
Exploring brings delight
Majestic splendor far exceeds
And all He does is right.

Beyond His works His grace displayed
In mercy doth provide
Keeping the promise He has made
The Lord is on our side.

His every act is good and just
His words forever true
His precepts we must always trust
And earnestly pursue.

He ransomed us, our souls reclaimed
Eternal cov’nant signed
Holy and awesome is His name
Gracious, and good, and kind.

True wisdom comes from fearing God
And walking in His way
Praise Him for’ere, His works applaud
You’ll grow as you obey.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 104

How GreatBless the Lord, O my soul
Sing His praise, His might extol
Bless the Lord, O my soul
Note His wonders on your scroll.

Lord my God, how great Thou art
Clothed with glory, set apart
Robed in light and majesty
Stretching out the galaxies.

Make the heavens Your abode
Ride the clouds, on winds You strode
Sending angels with Your word
Wind and fire Your servants gird.

Built the earth’s foundations firm
It shall stand unmoved long-term
Once with flooding waters filled
O’er the mountain tops they spilled.

Then, at Your command they fled
Heard Your thund’ring voice and sped
Mountains, valleys, and the sea
Took their place at Your decree.

Set their bound’ry at the shore
That the earth may flood no more
Springs and streams You have dispersed
That the beasts may quench their thirst.

And the birds sing in the trees
With Your works the earth is pleased
Cattle graze, men till the soil
Wine makes glad, the fruit of toil.

‘Mongst the trees birds make their home
High on mountains goats can roam
Trees and cliffs each play their role
Sun and moon ‘neath Your control.

Darkness comes young lions prowl
Then, at dawn, in dens they sprawl
With the rising of the sun
People off to work must run.

Your creation doth amaze
Such variety displays
Earth and seas with creatures fill
Displays wisdom, pow’r, and skill.

Ships can sail o’er ocean waves
‘Neath them great Leviathan plays
All You made on You relies
You supply and satisfy.

When You take away their breath
Then they lie in dust of death
But the face of earth renews
When Your breath new life imbues.

May Your glory long endure
All You made bring much pleasure
At Your touch the mountains smoke
Trembling quakes Your glance evokes.

All my life my song I’ll raise
My last breath will be to praise
May these thoughts bring Him delight
And be pleasing in His sight.

Depart ye sinners from God’s earth
You know not the Lord’s great worth
With great joy I will extol
Bless the Lord with all my soul.

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord
By creation now adored
Blessings, praises we impart
Lord our God, how great Thou art.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 100

Heavens GatesShout for joy to the Lord all you lands
As gladly in worship before Him you stand
Declare Him as God, your Creator and Lord
As His sheep, your Great Shepherd adore.

He made us, to Him we belong
We enter His gates with thanksgiving in song
For His truth and His mercy endure evermore
For His goodness our thanks we outpour.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 99

beggar_bowingAll hail Adonai our great king!
Behold Him amidst cherubim
Tremble ye people and let the earth quake
Exalt Him for His own name’s sake.

Righteous and just is our king
Exalted above everything
Humbly we bow at His footstool just now
Awesome and holy art Thou.

When prophets and priests did appeal
Your presence to them You revealed
From pillar of cloud You answered aloud
Forgave them but judgment avowed.

We come to exalt Adonai
Before Him in Zion draw nigh
At His feet bow low, His holiness know
Our worship and honor bestow.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 97

LightningGlory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne
Far above all other gods, we make His greatness known
Heav’ns declare His righteousness and mountains melt like wax
The light’ning flashes, clouds surround, earth trembles at His acts
All peoples see His glory, His presence like a fire
Consumes His foes, lights up the earth, the islands doth inspire.

Bow down you nations of the earth and worship Adonai
Your worthless idols put to shame, the Lord is God Most High
Your people hear and sing for joy, your daughters all rejoice
Before the Lord who is Supreme lift up your heart and voice
Hate evil, ye who love the Lord, and He will rescue you
For He protects His godly ones who wickedness eschew.

Rejoice in Adonai, ye saints, and He will give you light
He fills with joy and gratitude all those who are upright
His throne is built on righteousness, His judgments just and fair
His holiness adorns His works, His power we declare
So bow to Him in holy fear, His sov’reign wisdom own
Shout “Glory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne!”

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 95

shepherd sheepCome, let’s sing to Adonai!
With thanksgiving we draw nigh
Shouts of praise and adulation
To the Rock of our salvation!

King above all gods is He
Maker, Master of the sea
Mountains, valleys, all the land
Shaped by His almighty hand.

Let us worship and bow down
Honor Him who wears the crown
God, our Shepherd, watch will keep
O’er His people, we, His sheep.

Hear now what the Lord would say
“Test Me not as in that day
When your fathers challenged Me
Though they all My work could see.

“Forty years My patience tried
In the wilderness they died
Wayward hearts know not My way
They, like sheep, have gone astray.

“In My anger I attest
‘Never shall they know My rest’”
Let us worship and bow down
Honor Him who wears the crown.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 84

BirdsO how I love Your dwelling-place
And for its courts I long
My soul, my heart, my flesh rejoice
And burst forth into song.

O Lord of hosts what glory dwells
Among Your altars fair
My King, my God, how blest are those
Who make their dwelling there.

O that I might be like the birds
Whose house is nestled near
And like them lift a song of praise
To You throughout the year.

What joy as pilgrims make their way
Toward Zion’s holy hill
The desert pathways become springs
Their souls Your strength doth fill.

From strength to strength till they appear
Before God’s holy mount
Their heart a highway to His courts
To the life-giving fount.

O Lord of hosts, now hear my prayer
O God of Jacob, heed
Bestow Your favor on the king
Look on our face, we plead.

A single day spent in Your courts
Thousands elsewhere exceeds
I’d rather stand inside Your door
Than dwell ‘mongst evil deeds.

From Adonai, our sun, our shield
Glory and grace unfold
From those who walk in righteousness
No good will He withhold.

O Lord of hosts, You are so good
Truly the man is blest
Who puts his trust in You alone
And finds in You his rest.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 66

Group PraiseShout to God, now, all the earth
Praise His name, declare His worth
Majestic chorus, skillful song,
To Him all glory must belong.

How awesome, God, are all Your deeds
Before Your pow’r the foe concedes
While all the earth bows down to You
And lifts their praise to Your name, too.

Come and behold the works of God
His awesome dealings we applaud
He turned the sea into dry land
We crossed on foot by His command.

His eyes keep watch on enemies
Before Him every rebel flees
We bless our God, our voices raise
He saved us, let us sound our praise.

Like silver in the furnace tried
You let men over our heads ride
When thru the fire and flood we passed
You led us to abundance vast.

The promises and vows I made
When I appealed to You for aid
I come now to Your house to bring
Choice sacrifice and offering.

Come, listen, all who fear the Lord
As I, His wonders, now record
When deep in trouble I cried out
My enemies He then did rout.

If in my heart sin did abound
No help from God would then be found
But He has heard my feeble prayer
In mercy He my life did spare.

So join with me in blessing God
Declare His praise home and abroad
He did not from my pleas refrain
Nor His great love and grace restrain.

© 2014 J Dan Small