Psalm 136

Ps 136Lovingkindness never ending, Adonai is good
God of gods and Lord of lords, we thank You as we should.

Lovingkindness never ending, wonder-working God
Skillfully You made the heavens spreading it abroad.

Lovingkindness never ending, Source of perfect light
Made the sun to rule the day, the moon and stars for night.

Lovingkindness never ending, set His people free
Struck down Egypt’s firstborn sons and led us through the sea.

Lovingkindness never ending, gave us victory
Pharaoh, Sihon, Og of Bashan, o’er our enemy.

Lovingkindness never ending, gave us our own land
Rescued us from adversaries by His own strong hand.

Lovingkindness never ending, we give thanks to Thee
God of heaven, our Provider, grace You give eternally.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 119 – ל Lamedh

meditateLə·‘ō·w·lām, forever Your word will endure
eternal, O Lord, it is steadfast and sure.

Likewise Your faithfulness ever shall last
the earth You’ve established and it will stand fast.

Laws You establish remain true today
for all You have made must do all that You say.

Likely it is that I would have been dead
except I delighted in Your law instead.

Life You have given through learning Your ways
I will not forget them for all of my days.

Liberate and save me for I am Yours
Your precepts I seek and Your laws underscore.

Lying in wait, wicked seek to destroy
Your teachings I’ll ponder they bring me much joy.

Limits there are to perfection, I see
but from boundaries Your commandments are free.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 110

priestThe Lord has said unto my Lord, “Sit down at My right hand
Until I make Your enemies bow down at My command
From Zion You shall rule and reign amidst the enemy
Your troops arrayed in holy garb will serve You willingly.

The Lord has taken up an oath and sworn most solemnly
“As priest in great Melchiz’dek’s line You’ll serve perpetually”
At Your right hand the Lord will stand to judge the earth’s great kings
After the battle be refreshed by water from the springs.

He’ll punish nations, shatter thrones, give You supremacy
Your youth renewed like morning dew each day by His decree
Th’Eternal Sovereign made a vow which none can ever break
Your kingdom will forever last when You the scepter take.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 89

David anointed

Your mercies, O Lord, are the theme of my song
Your faithfulness I will declare
Forever Your mercy and grace will endure
I will sing of them all the day long.

“I’ve chosen My servant, a covenant made
Your seed I establish your throne will not fade
My promise to David forever will stand
Descendants shall reign evermore in this land.”

Behold, how the heavens Your wonders declare
Your faithfulness saints also tell
For who in the heavens is like unto Thee?
Not an angel or god can compare.

Indeed, all around You in reverence bow
The Lord God of hosts is supreme
More awesome than all who around Him do dwell
Your faithfulness all must avow.

By Your mighty arm all Your enemies flee
The sea in its raging is stilled
The sea monster, Rahab, You’ve crushed and destroyed
O Lord, there is no one like Thee.

The heavens are Yours and the earth You have made
The world and its fullness You formed
From north unto south all the mountains rejoice
Your great name like a banner displayed.

Your powerful hand is exalted on high
Before You dwell mercy and truth
With justice and righteousness You rule o’er all
On Your faithfulness all can rely.

How blest are the people who shout the glad sound
Who walk in the light of Your face
In Your holy name they rejoice all the day
For Your righteousness praises abound.

For You are our glory and strength, Adonai
By Your favor, exalted, we rule
Our king is from You, our protection and shield
All we need Your great hand doth supply.

In a vision You spoke to our fathers before
“I have raised up a warrior for you
‘Tis My servant David, anointed with oil
Upon him My great strength I’ll pour.”

“The wicked who hate him will never prevail
His foes I will fight and destroy
In My name he’ll conquer and crush enemies
And My covenant never will fail.”

“With My help his rule will extend far and wide
I will make him My cherished firstborn
He’ll call Me his Father, his God, and his Rock
In My love I’ll uphold and provide.”

“His reign I’ll establish, His throne keep secure
All the kings of the earth will bow down
Exalted, victorious, his kingdom remains
As long as the heavens endure.”

“And if his descendants My Law should forsake
I’ll punish their guilt with a rod
I’ll discipline soundly with firmness and wrath
The ones whom My statutes would break.”

“But I will not withdraw My love even then
My promises still I will keep
As sure as the sun and the moon in the sky
Forever his throne shall endure.”

But, Lord, Your anointed You’ve spurned in Your rage
The covenant has been forgot
His crown lies in dust, his walls broken down
He’s defeated by all who engage.

Our lives are cut short and we’re covered with shame
How long will You hide from our plight?
How long will Your anger consume us as fire
While enemies mock and defame?

Remember, O Lord, that our lives are so short
How fragile we are without You
How futile our efforts to live and not die
And the pow’r of the grave to abort.

O Adonai, where is Your former great love
Your acts of deliv’rance and might?
To David You swore Your allegiance and help
Your assistance from heaven above.

Remember, O Lord, the reproach that we bear
How our enemies hold us in scorn
Every step that we take they are there to oppose
Leaving us in deep shame and despair.

In conclusion we praise Him again and again
As we say, “Bless the Lord evermore”
You are faithful and true and worthy of trust
Bless the Lord, Amen and amen.

© 2014 J Dan Small