Psalm 31 (Part 2)

But as for me, I trust in God
And all that You have planned
I say to You, “Thou art my God
My times are in Thy hand.”

Deliver me from all my foes
May Your face shine on me
Let me not, Lord, be put to shame
Save when I call on Thee.

Let those with lying lips be dumb
The wicked be disgraced
Who boast and slander all the saints
May they, Your judgment face.

But, oh how great Your goodness, Lord
Stored up for those who fear
The ones whose refuge is in Thee
You shelter, bring them near.

Away from all the plots of men
In You your people hide
Your presence is the secret place
Where safely they reside.

You shelter me from evil tongues
Besieged, I bless You, Lord
In my alarm I thought You’d left
My cry would be ignored.

But You have shown great mercy, Lord
You heard my des’perate plea
So, love the Lord, all you His saints
Preserved so faithfully.

The arrogant He will repay
Each one his due reward
But all will strength and courage find
Whose hope is in the Lord.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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