Psalm 34

Bless the Lord, Oh, Bless the Lord, I Bless the Lord forever!
My mouth will always speak His praise
My soul exalt, His triumphs raise
Rejoice, ye humble, all your days
Let us magnify and exalt His Name together!

I sought the Lord, He heard my cry, rescued from all my fear
They looked to Him, their faces shone
No shame, disgrace, or fear they’ve known
This poor man cried, He heard my groan
The angel of the Lord surrounds, I feel His presence near.

Oh, taste and see, the Lord is good, the ones who trust are blessed
So fear the Lord, all you His saints
Tho lions starve and even faint
Those seeking Him have no complaints
No good thing lacking for all those who in Him find their rest.

So, come, my children, hear my voice, I’ll teach you to fear Him
To have a life that’s long and good
Say only things you know you should
Do right, not wrong each time you could
Pursuing peace and righteousness will keep you far from sin.

The eyes of the Lord are on His saints, His ears hear what they cry
From wicked ones He turns His face
To cut them from their dwelling place
But when the righteous seek His grace
Their broken, contrite spirit finds on Him they can rely.

Many the troubles of the saints but from them all He saves
No broken bones on them are found
While wicked men with sins abound
With judgment their head will be crowned
But souls of saints will be redeemed, He’ll save them from the grave.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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