Psalm 91


I’m dwelling in the shelter of El Elyon
Abiding in the shadow of Shaddai
‘Tis Adonai I gladly call my Refuge
My Fortress and my God, in whom I trust.

For He alone can rescue from the hunter
And shield you from the deadly pestilence
Take refuge ‘neath His wings and He will hide you
His faithfulness a shield which you can trust.

So do not fear the terrors of the nighttime
Don’t worry ‘bout the arrows as they fly
Nor dread the plague that stalks you in the darkness
He will protect from trouble at high noon.

Just watch as ‘round you thousands fall defeated
As you stand there and look you will be safe
The wicked will receive the judgment due them
But you, all evil plagues will overcome.

Since Adonai, the Most High, is your refuge
The One to Whom you run when troubles come
You need not live in fear of some disaster
He will not let the plague come near your tent.

His angels will He send to watch and keep you
They’ll carry you and guard you on your way
Your feet won’t trip or stumble as you’re walking
Instead you’ll crush the lion and the snake.

“Because you love Me I will surely save you
Because you know My name I will protect
I’ll answer every time you call upon Me
And will be by your side when times are hard.

“My promise is to rescue and reward you
With honor and long life since you are Mine
Just call on Me and you will see salvation
This is the way that I bless all who trust.”

© 2014 J Dan Small

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