Psalm 112

BlessedPraise ye the Lord, Hallelujah,
All who fear the Lord are blest
In His ways they find true pleasure
Untold riches do possess.

Their descendants sure to prosper
Heirs who walk in righteousness
Wealth and riches, light in darkness
Everything they do is blessed.

They are gracious, kind, and upright
Quick to lend a helping hand
Fair and just in all their dealings
Long respected in the land.

Never fearing evil tidings
Trusting in the Lord always
Confident they face their battles
Victors stand through hard-fought frays.

Never selfish, always giving,
Sharing goods with those in need
Well-respected, loved, and honored
Endless praise for righteous deeds.

But the wicked writhe with envy
Gnash their teeth and waste away
Their desires come to nothing
All their dreams in dust decay.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 99

beggar_bowingAll hail Adonai our great king!
Behold Him amidst cherubim
Tremble ye people and let the earth quake
Exalt Him for His own name’s sake.

Righteous and just is our king
Exalted above everything
Humbly we bow at His footstool just now
Awesome and holy art Thou.

When prophets and priests did appeal
Your presence to them You revealed
From pillar of cloud You answered aloud
Forgave them but judgment avowed.

We come to exalt Adonai
Before Him in Zion draw nigh
At His feet bow low, His holiness know
Our worship and honor bestow.

© 2014  J Dan Small