Psalm 81

MeribahSing and celebrate, shout for joy
Blow the shofar, festive songs employ
New moon, full moon, every feast day
Tamborines and harps are waiting to be played.

This jubilation commanded by our God
As we left Egypt by Moses’ rod
What is this language I have not heard?
From the mouth of God, listen to His word.

“Call to mind when your burdens I relieved
And from your oppressors I gave you reprieve
You were in trouble and called out to Me
I answered from the thunderclouds and set you free.

“Remember what I said on Meribah’s plain?
‘Hear, O My people, and let me explain
Listen very closely, please hear what I say
From every foreign god you must stay away.

“I, the Lord, your God, rescued you from Egypt land
If you will obey Me, choose to heed My command
I will fill your mouth when you open it wide
All that you desire I’ll abundantly provide.

“But you would not heed or listen to My voice
So I let you go to your own stubborn choice
You rejected Me and then went your own way
Sadly I watched as you proudly went astray.

“Oh I wish My people would listen to Me
How quickly I’d subdue all their enemies
If My chosen people would just walk in My way
Protection and deliv’rance I could then display.

“Enemies of Adonai will meet their doom
But those I love and cherish I will cause to bloom
With honey from the rock I will satisfy
They’ll eat the living bread and they will never die.”

© 2014 J Dan Small

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