Psalm 138

bowing-down-3I give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart
Bowing down I sing Your praise, declare Your fame
Steadfast love ever new
To Your promise always true
Magnified Your precious Word above Your name.

On the day that I called You answered me
Made me bold with Your strength within my soul
Mighty kings sing Your praise
Declare the glory of Your ways
And the words from Your mouth they will extol.

Though the Lord is great, exalted on high
To the humble He draws near with great care
But haughty and proud
He has surely disavowed
Let us bring to Him our burdens now in prayer.

Tho I walk in midst of trouble, You preserve
You deliver from my foes ill-tempered plans
Your hand You stretch out
My salvation bring about
You will not forsake the work of Your hands.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 99

beggar_bowingAll hail Adonai our great king!
Behold Him amidst cherubim
Tremble ye people and let the earth quake
Exalt Him for His own name’s sake.

Righteous and just is our king
Exalted above everything
Humbly we bow at His footstool just now
Awesome and holy art Thou.

When prophets and priests did appeal
Your presence to them You revealed
From pillar of cloud You answered aloud
Forgave them but judgment avowed.

We come to exalt Adonai
Before Him in Zion draw nigh
At His feet bow low, His holiness know
Our worship and honor bestow.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 95

shepherd sheepCome, let’s sing to Adonai!
With thanksgiving we draw nigh
Shouts of praise and adulation
To the Rock of our salvation!

King above all gods is He
Maker, Master of the sea
Mountains, valleys, all the land
Shaped by His almighty hand.

Let us worship and bow down
Honor Him who wears the crown
God, our Shepherd, watch will keep
O’er His people, we, His sheep.

Hear now what the Lord would say
“Test Me not as in that day
When your fathers challenged Me
Though they all My work could see.

“Forty years My patience tried
In the wilderness they died
Wayward hearts know not My way
They, like sheep, have gone astray.

“In My anger I attest
‘Never shall they know My rest’”
Let us worship and bow down
Honor Him who wears the crown.

© 2014 J Dan Small