Psalm 145

Psalm 145My God, O King, I bless Your name,
Each day extol and praise
Forever I’ll declare Your fame
You cease not to amaze!

Great is the Lord, worthy of praise
Beyond what minds can know
Each generation thus displays
Your pow’rful acts they show.

Majestic, glorious miracles
Declared by every tongue
Your goodness every spirit thrills
And joyful songs are sung.

Gracious, full of compassion, Lord
And slow to anger, too
By all Your works You are adored
We all give thanks to You.

With goodness and unfailing love
In glory You now reign
Your mighty acts we will speak of
Forever You remain.

The Lord lifts up all those who fall
And those bent low with cares
The Lord Is near to all who call
He hears their feeble prayers.

The eyes of all look to Your hand
Their needs You will supply
All living things wait Your command
Their wants You satisfy.

All the Lord’s deeds are right and kind
As those who fear Him know
The wicked are to death confined
Destroyed and filled with woe.

The Lord preserves all who love Him
Our mouths proclaim His praise
His name we bless with this our hymn
And shall through endless days.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 97

LightningGlory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne
Far above all other gods, we make His greatness known
Heav’ns declare His righteousness and mountains melt like wax
The light’ning flashes, clouds surround, earth trembles at His acts
All peoples see His glory, His presence like a fire
Consumes His foes, lights up the earth, the islands doth inspire.

Bow down you nations of the earth and worship Adonai
Your worthless idols put to shame, the Lord is God Most High
Your people hear and sing for joy, your daughters all rejoice
Before the Lord who is Supreme lift up your heart and voice
Hate evil, ye who love the Lord, and He will rescue you
For He protects His godly ones who wickedness eschew.

Rejoice in Adonai, ye saints, and He will give you light
He fills with joy and gratitude all those who are upright
His throne is built on righteousness, His judgments just and fair
His holiness adorns His works, His power we declare
So bow to Him in holy fear, His sov’reign wisdom own
Shout “Glory, Power, Majesty!  The Lord is on His throne!”

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 93

wavesRobed in majesty He reigns
Clothed with strength o’er all domains
Adonai His throne secured
And forever has endured.

‘Stablished firm the world He made
Flooding waters may cascade
Thund’ring waves and breakers thrill
But the Lord is mightier still.

All Your promises are sure
Like You, Lord, they will endure
Pure and holy we must be
To forever dwell with Thee.

© 2014 J Dan Small