Psalm 119 – ת Taw

lost sheepTo You I cry, please hear, O Lord
give me discernment through Your word.

To You I lift my prayer and plea
as You have promised, rescue me.

Taught by You in all Your ways
my lips o’erflow with words of praise.

Today Your word I’ll speak abroad
Your perfect laws remain unflawed.

Trusting, I choose Your precepts right
stretch forth Your hand, help with Thy might.

tā·’aḇ·tî, I long for You to save
Your law my delight, Your word I crave.

tə·ḥî- nap̄·šî, let my soul live, I pray
and let Your good rules help me today.

tā·‘î·ṯî, I’ve gone astray just like a sheep
seek me and find me, Your laws I will keep.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 88

Sarah_Trumbull_on_Her_Deathbed_by_John_Trumbull_1824Day and night, O Lord my God, I cry out in my grief
Please hear my prayer, incline Your ear, when will You send relief?

Behold how many troubles, Lord, my soul has had to bear
I feel the pangs of death draw near, it leads me to despair.

“It is too late,” I hear them say, “she’s on the brink of death”
As good as dead, I’m all alone and wait my final breath.

O God, this sickness is from You, You’ve laid me in this pit
I lay in darkness ‘neath Your wrath, afflictions You permit.

Even my friends abandoned me, they cannot bear to see
Shut up alone I waste away and lift my hands to Thee.

I’ve called upon You every day, O Lord when will You save?
What praise or glory can You get once I am in the grave?

Do dead perceive Your wondrous works or spirits rise to praise?
Can one declare Your faithfulness who in Abaddon lays?

Time and again I’ve cried for help, You’ve heard my morning prayer
Why do You hide Your face from me, reject, refuse to care?

E’en from my youth I’ve suffered thus, terrors like waters flow
You’ve caused my loved ones to depart, darkness is all I know.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 66

Group PraiseShout to God, now, all the earth
Praise His name, declare His worth
Majestic chorus, skillful song,
To Him all glory must belong.

How awesome, God, are all Your deeds
Before Your pow’r the foe concedes
While all the earth bows down to You
And lifts their praise to Your name, too.

Come and behold the works of God
His awesome dealings we applaud
He turned the sea into dry land
We crossed on foot by His command.

His eyes keep watch on enemies
Before Him every rebel flees
We bless our God, our voices raise
He saved us, let us sound our praise.

Like silver in the furnace tried
You let men over our heads ride
When thru the fire and flood we passed
You led us to abundance vast.

The promises and vows I made
When I appealed to You for aid
I come now to Your house to bring
Choice sacrifice and offering.

Come, listen, all who fear the Lord
As I, His wonders, now record
When deep in trouble I cried out
My enemies He then did rout.

If in my heart sin did abound
No help from God would then be found
But He has heard my feeble prayer
In mercy He my life did spare.

So join with me in blessing God
Declare His praise home and abroad
He did not from my pleas refrain
Nor His great love and grace restrain.

© 2014 J Dan Small