Psalm 147

Psalm 147Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  How good to sing to God
‘Tis fitting, pleasant, beautiful, when saints, His works applaud.

He gathers in the outcast ones and heals their broken hearts
He binds their wounds, rebuilds their lives, and to them hope imparts.

This glorious God knows all the stars, calls each one out by name
His wisdom far beyond our own, His greatness we proclaim.

The wicked He casts to the ground, the humble He sustains
Take up your harp with thanksgiving, sing out melodious strains.

He spreads the clouds across the skies, sends rain for crops to grow
He feeds young ravens and the beasts, their needs He doth bestow.

He takes no pleasure in the strength of horse or human might
But in all those who hope in Him He does take great delight.

Praise the Lord, ye chosen ones, for all the ways He’s blessed
The finest wheat your children eat, enjoying peace and rest.

With just a word He sends forth snow and frost and hail and cold
Then sends a word and melts it all, ‘tis all by Him controlled.

How special that you hear His word, His statutes, rules and ways
No other people have a God who thus Himself displays.

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  How good to sing to God
‘Tis fitting, pleasant, beautiful, when saints, His works applaud.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 104

How GreatBless the Lord, O my soul
Sing His praise, His might extol
Bless the Lord, O my soul
Note His wonders on your scroll.

Lord my God, how great Thou art
Clothed with glory, set apart
Robed in light and majesty
Stretching out the galaxies.

Make the heavens Your abode
Ride the clouds, on winds You strode
Sending angels with Your word
Wind and fire Your servants gird.

Built the earth’s foundations firm
It shall stand unmoved long-term
Once with flooding waters filled
O’er the mountain tops they spilled.

Then, at Your command they fled
Heard Your thund’ring voice and sped
Mountains, valleys, and the sea
Took their place at Your decree.

Set their bound’ry at the shore
That the earth may flood no more
Springs and streams You have dispersed
That the beasts may quench their thirst.

And the birds sing in the trees
With Your works the earth is pleased
Cattle graze, men till the soil
Wine makes glad, the fruit of toil.

‘Mongst the trees birds make their home
High on mountains goats can roam
Trees and cliffs each play their role
Sun and moon ‘neath Your control.

Darkness comes young lions prowl
Then, at dawn, in dens they sprawl
With the rising of the sun
People off to work must run.

Your creation doth amaze
Such variety displays
Earth and seas with creatures fill
Displays wisdom, pow’r, and skill.

Ships can sail o’er ocean waves
‘Neath them great Leviathan plays
All You made on You relies
You supply and satisfy.

When You take away their breath
Then they lie in dust of death
But the face of earth renews
When Your breath new life imbues.

May Your glory long endure
All You made bring much pleasure
At Your touch the mountains smoke
Trembling quakes Your glance evokes.

All my life my song I’ll raise
My last breath will be to praise
May these thoughts bring Him delight
And be pleasing in His sight.

Depart ye sinners from God’s earth
You know not the Lord’s great worth
With great joy I will extol
Bless the Lord with all my soul.

Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord
By creation now adored
Blessings, praises we impart
Lord our God, how great Thou art.

© 2014  J Dan Small