Psalm 66

Group PraiseShout to God, now, all the earth
Praise His name, declare His worth
Majestic chorus, skillful song,
To Him all glory must belong.

How awesome, God, are all Your deeds
Before Your pow’r the foe concedes
While all the earth bows down to You
And lifts their praise to Your name, too.

Come and behold the works of God
His awesome dealings we applaud
He turned the sea into dry land
We crossed on foot by His command.

His eyes keep watch on enemies
Before Him every rebel flees
We bless our God, our voices raise
He saved us, let us sound our praise.

Like silver in the furnace tried
You let men over our heads ride
When thru the fire and flood we passed
You led us to abundance vast.

The promises and vows I made
When I appealed to You for aid
I come now to Your house to bring
Choice sacrifice and offering.

Come, listen, all who fear the Lord
As I, His wonders, now record
When deep in trouble I cried out
My enemies He then did rout.

If in my heart sin did abound
No help from God would then be found
But He has heard my feeble prayer
In mercy He my life did spare.

So join with me in blessing God
Declare His praise home and abroad
He did not from my pleas refrain
Nor His great love and grace restrain.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 57

AdullumBackstory: 1 Samuel 24 Written by David when he was running for his life from Saul. This Psalm was composed in the back of a cave.

O God, have mercy, have mercy on me
You are my Refuge, to You I must flee
Under the shadow of Your wings I’ll hide
And as the storm passes, with You I’ll abide.

I cry out to God, the Most High, in this test
He’s sure to come through for He knows what is best
He’ll send down salvation from heaven above
Destroy all my foes in His mercy and love.

Fire-breathing dragons and lions surround
Men with sharp teeth and mean words do abound
Meanwhile in heaven God reigns over all
His glory shines brightest when on Him we call.

The wicked lay traps and dig pits for my soul
But then their foot slips and they fall in the hole
My heart remains steadfast just trusting in You
That’s why I can sing e’en when troubles ensue.

Morning has come and it’s time to awake
I’ll take up my harp and sweet music I’ll make
Among all the nations I’ll thank Adonai
Whose great grace and truth extend to the sky.

O God, I exalt You, declare Your great worth
I would that Your glory be o’er all the earth!
O God, I exalt You, declare Your great worth
I would that Your glory be o’er all the earth!

© 2014 J Dan Small