Psalm 143

Psalm 143Hear my pleas for mercy, Lord
You always do what’s right
Please don’t condemn or judge me now
None’s righteous in Your sight.

My spirit faints, my heart distressed
Pursued by foes, I fled
Left all alone in darkness, Lord
Like those who are long dead.

Then I remember days of old
Great works You did at first
I stretch my hands to You in prayer
My soul for You doth thirst.

Come quickly, Lord, and answer me
Depression takes control
Don’t hide Your face or I will die
I lift to You my soul.

May morning bring Your steadfast love
I trust You, help me learn
Show me the pathway I should take
‘Tis You to whom I turn.

Rescue me from these enemies
I run to You to hide
Teach me to do Your will, my God
Straight paths Your Spirit guide.

For Your name’s sake, preserve my life
Free me from this distress
Silence, destroy my enemies
In love, Your servant bless

© J Dan Small

Psalm 142

faint spiritTo You, O Lord, I lift my voice
I plead for mercy, too
I’ll pour out my complaints and fears
For no one cares but You.

My spirit faints, is overwhelmed
You know each step I take
My foes oppress, set traps for me
All who should care forsake.

And so I cry to You, O Lord
My place of refuge dear
When I am down and feeling low
I cry to You, “Draw near!”

Deliver from these enemies
They are too strong for me
Then I’ll give thanks ‘midst godly crowds
For You’ve dealt bountif’lly!

© J Dan Small

Psalm 123

eyesWe look to You, O God,
enthroned in heav’n above

With anxious, waiting gaze,
The master’s humble slaves
Look to the guiding hand
What is Your next command?

We turn our eyes to You
For mercy and for love.

Have mercy, Adonai
Our soul has had its fill

The proud with mockery
Make our lives misery
They boast and mock and scoff
Refusing to back off

We need Your mercy, Lord,
Our troubled souls to still.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – י Yodh

potterYour hands shaped and fashioned me
help my heart learn from Your decrees.

Ye ones who fear the Lord rejoice
because I’ve made His word my choice.

Yes, Lord, Your laws are just and right
Your discipline keeps me contrite.

You promised cov’nant loyalty
now may Your word my comfort be.

Your law, O Lord, is my delight
in mercy, come, that live I might.

Yê·ḇō·šū, shame on those who slander
but on Your precepts I will ponder.

Yet may all those who fear You see
that in Your statutes we agree.

Yielded and pure my heart would be
that from all shame I might be free.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 100

Heavens GatesShout for joy to the Lord all you lands
As gladly in worship before Him you stand
Declare Him as God, your Creator and Lord
As His sheep, your Great Shepherd adore.

He made us, to Him we belong
We enter His gates with thanksgiving in song
For His truth and His mercy endure evermore
For His goodness our thanks we outpour.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 41

Blessed is the man who is helpful to the poor
When he is in trouble, deliverance is sure
Protection from his enemies
Relief from all disease
Because he cared for others, on earth he will endure.

Now my soul is troubled, I cry out for relief
Hear my plea for mercy, consider all my grief
My enemies are speaking lies
And look, in hope, for my demise
Even my close friend leaves me, I faint in disbelief.

Will You, Lord, be gracious and rescue from my plight?
Then I’ll know You love me, that I am Your delight
Let not my foe gain victory
Uphold in my integrity
Forever I will bless You, and dwell within Your sight.

© 2014 J Dan Small