Psalm 142

faint spiritTo You, O Lord, I lift my voice
I plead for mercy, too
I’ll pour out my complaints and fears
For no one cares but You.

My spirit faints, is overwhelmed
You know each step I take
My foes oppress, set traps for me
All who should care forsake.

And so I cry to You, O Lord
My place of refuge dear
When I am down and feeling low
I cry to You, “Draw near!”

Deliver from these enemies
They are too strong for me
Then I’ll give thanks ‘midst godly crowds
For You’ve dealt bountif’lly!

© J Dan Small

Psalm 138

bowing-down-3I give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart
Bowing down I sing Your praise, declare Your fame
Steadfast love ever new
To Your promise always true
Magnified Your precious Word above Your name.

On the day that I called You answered me
Made me bold with Your strength within my soul
Mighty kings sing Your praise
Declare the glory of Your ways
And the words from Your mouth they will extol.

Though the Lord is great, exalted on high
To the humble He draws near with great care
But haughty and proud
He has surely disavowed
Let us bring to Him our burdens now in prayer.

Tho I walk in midst of trouble, You preserve
You deliver from my foes ill-tempered plans
Your hand You stretch out
My salvation bring about
You will not forsake the work of Your hands.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 119 – ח Heth

midnite prayerChoosing You as my portion, O Lord
I have promised to obey Your word.

ḥil·lî·ṯî, I beg for Your grace
which You promised as I seek Your face.

Considering which way to go
Your statutes the best paths will show.

Commands You set forth I’ll obey
I will hurry and will not delay.

Cords of wicked men seek to ensnare
I remember Your law and go there.

Choruses of thanks I recite
for Your laws when I rise at midnight.

Companions I choose who fear Thee
and all who obey Your decree.

ḥas·də·ḵā, Your great love fills the earth
teach me, Lord, Your decrees and their worth.

This Hebrew letter is not what it appears –rather than an “h” sound it is a “ch” as in Bach –coming from the back of the throat.  Two other Hebrew letters also make a similar sound so I have stretched the phonetics by including the word “choosing.”  There is no Hebrew equivalent for the English “ch” as in choose.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 118

This is the DayO give thanks unto the Lord whose goodness we esteem
Lovingkindness never failing is our theme
All who honor Adonai can join the throng
Lovingkindness everlasting is our song.

In distress I called on Him and He answered me
Brought me to a spacious place and set me free
Now I know the Lord is for me, I’ll not fear
What can man do to afflict if He is near?

I shall triumph o’er my foes with Him by my side
Trusting not in earthly pow’rs, in Him I will hide
When surrounded on all sides I’ll call on His name
They’ll be cut off and destroyed like thorns in the flame.

Foes had pushed against me hard so that I would fall
But the Lord, my strength and song, replied to my call
Shouts of vict’ry and rejoicing, hear the glad sound
In the right hand of the Lord great triumph is found.

I’ll not die but live to tell what my Lord has done
Chastened by His hand severely, new life begun
Open wide the holy gates that thanks I may give
“Thank you that You answered me and caused me to live.”

Such amazing things accomplished by the Lord alone
Once rejected by the builders, now the cornerstone
This, the day the Lord has made, be glad and rejoice
Lord, we call on You to save us, please hear our voice.

Join us in the great procession citing His fame
Blessed He who comes to us in Adonai’s name
From the house of Adonai our blessings we bestow
Adonai, our God, is shining, in His light we go.

I declare, “You are my God!” it’s You I thank and praise
I exalt You as my God and will through endless days
Adonai, the Lord, is good, give thanks unto Him
Lovingkindness everlasting, this is our hymn.

© 2014  J Dan Small


worship2Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
With thanks my heart o’erflows
Amazed, I have His works explored
This song for Him composed.

Words can’t describe His glorious deeds
Exploring brings delight
Majestic splendor far exceeds
And all He does is right.

Beyond His works His grace displayed
In mercy doth provide
Keeping the promise He has made
The Lord is on our side.

His every act is good and just
His words forever true
His precepts we must always trust
And earnestly pursue.

He ransomed us, our souls reclaimed
Eternal cov’nant signed
Holy and awesome is His name
Gracious, and good, and kind.

True wisdom comes from fearing God
And walking in His way
Praise Him for’ere, His works applaud
You’ll grow as you obey.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 92 – A Thanksgiving Song

ThankfulIt is good to give thanks to the Lord
To Your name, O Most High, sing my praise
Every morning I declare Your lovingkindness
And Your faithfulness at night my soul surveys.

With our strings, harp, and lute we rejoice
Sing for joy at the works of Your hand
All You’ve done fills our hearts with such happiness
Your great works and deep thoughts we understand.

But the fool cannot know You like this
Like the grass they will wither and fade
For a moment they may prosper and flourish
But the grave and destruction can’t evade.

You, O Lord, reign forever on high
All Your foes You consume and destroy
But the righteous will flourish like the palm tree
All the blessings of the Lord they will enjoy.

You’ve anointed my head with fresh oil
Like the ox and the bull made me strong
I rejoice in the downfall of the enemy
As You scatter all the wicked who do wrong.

Planted in the house of Adonai
We flourish in the courts of our God
Fresh and green, bearing fruit even when we are old
The Lord our Rock, who is righteous, we applaud!

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 56

prayerO God, Your grace extend
So many with me now contend
They lie in wait, hearts filled with hate
Would leave me trampled in the end.

But when I am afraid
I turn to God, whose word I praise
I trust in You, what can man do?
Despite their threats I’m not dismayed.

All day my words distort
Their wicked plot my path to thwart
They stir up strife, would take my life
O God, make all their plans fall short.

But You record my woes
In Your book note each tear that flows
My foes will flee, God is for me
In Adonai I will repose.

But when I am afraid
I turn to God, whose word I praise
I trust in You, what can man do?
Despite their threats I’m not dismayed.

And now to You I bring
A sacrifice, thank offering
You rescued me, set my feet free
Alive, I walk before my King.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 30

I lift my voice to bless You, Lord
For You have lifted me
You’ve rescued me from all my foes
From danger set me free.

O Lord my God, I cried to You
My life You have revived
You brought my soul up from the grave
Healed me, kept me alive.

Sing praises to the Lord, you saints
Give thanks unto His name
His anger will be very brief
His favor will remain.

Weeping may last the whole night long
He feels your deepest sorrow
Pour out your hearts to Him in faith
True joy comes on the morrow.

When once I boasted of success
And claimed it was Your grace
I thought myself to be so strong
Until You hid Your face.

Then I cried out to You, O Lord
“I think I’m going to die!
Who profits if I turn to dust?
In mercy, hear my cry.”

My mourning You’ve turned into dance
My sackcloth into song
Eternal thanks and praises now
To You alone belong.

© 2014 J Dan Small