Psalm 146

Psalm 146Praise the Lord, yes, praise the Lord,
Let all that is within me praise my God
As long as I shall live, until my dying breath
My soul, my life, my voice will give Him laud.

Don’t put your trust in mortal man
They cannot save, they too shall pass away
When princes breath their last, their soul returns to dust
And all the plans they made be gone that day.

But blest the one who hopes in God
Whose help comes from the One who made all things
He keeps His promises, gives justice to the poor
And to the pris’ner joyful freedom brings.

The Lord who made the earth and sky
Feeds hungry souls and opens blinded eyes
All those weighed down lifts up, protects the foreigner
The needs of orphans, widows, won’t despise.

All godly ones are loved by Him
But plans of wicked men He will destroy
The Lord will reign forever, He will be your God
Oh, praise the Lord, God’s people, with great joy.

© J Dan Small