Psalm 130

watchmanFrom depths of despair I cry for help
Please hear my plea, I pray!

If You, O Lord, kept track of our sins
Then who, O Lord, could stand?

But, thankfully, You forgive our sins
That we may learn to fear.

I’m like a sentry waiting for dawn
While waiting for the Lord.

My soul does wait and hopes in Your word
My soul waits for the Lord.

O Israel, hope in the Lord your God
With Him is steadfast love.

He will redeem her from all her sins
Redemption overflows.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 119 – ז Zayin

PetitionZə·ḵōr, recall Your word to me
my hope is in Your guarantee.

Zōṯ, this my comfort in my grief
Your word revives and brings relief.

Zê·ḏîm, the proud make fun of me
yet from Your law I will not flee.

Zā·ḵar, recalling statutes of old
is how my soul can be consoled.

Zealous fury grips my heart
‘gainst those who from Your law depart.

Zə·mi·rō·wṯ, songs Your laws inspire
as I sojourn are my attire.

Zā·ḵar·tî, remembering Your name at night
helps me to keep Your law in sight.

Zōṯ, this defines who I’ve become
I keep Your precepts, every one.

It is apparent that the Z sound is much more prevalent in Hebrew than in English, hence the extensive use of Hebrew words to start each verse.  Makes me want to play Scrabble using Hebrew words!

© J Dan Small

Psalm 62

Prayer2In silence, God, my soul does wait
Salvation comes from You
My Rock and Stronghold in the fray
I know that You’ll come through.

How long will you attack a man
And strive to destroy him?
Deceivers, murd’rers, full of plans
Whose hearts are full of sin.

In silence, God, my soul does wait
My hope resides in You
My Rock and Stronghold day by day
Unshaken, I’ll come through.

My safety and my glory rest
On God, my Rock of strength
In Him, at all times, You can trust
Pour out your heart at length.

Don’t place your trust in puny men
Their lives are but a breath
In vain their hope on wealth depends
But soon will end in death.

Hear now the words that God would speak
All power is the Lord’s
So, too, the grace we all would seek
Our trust He thus rewards.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 33

Sing out for joy unto the Lord all you who are upright
Give thanks, sing praise, and shout for joy, your harps play skillfully
Justice He loves and righteousness, your praise is His delight
His word and works are always true, His mercies all can see.

With just a word the heav’ns were formed, His breath the stars so grand
The waters of the oceans deep He stores in piles vast
Let all the earth now fear the Lord, in awe before Him stand
For when He speaks, the work is done; at His command, stands fast.

While mortal men do plot and scheme He frustrates everything
But all His plans and purposes for ages will abide
Blessed is the nation that has made the Lord their God and King
Indeed, the people He did choose to keep them by His side.

The Lord looks on the sons of earth from His place in the sky
Their inmost hearts were made by Him, their works He understands
In vain do kings and armies great on their own strength rely
Salvation and deliv’rance ne’er can come from all their plans.

But the Lord’s eye is on the ones who fear Him and whose hope
Rests solely on His lovingkindness as their help and shield
Our soul waits for the Lord to act, His mercies we invoke
Rejoice and trust in Him always, before Him humbly yield.

© 2014 J Dan Small