Psalm 55

betrayalnote: This psalm has taken three days and three complete rewrites. It presents one of life’s most painful trials -betrayal by a friend. The melody that shaped these stanzas is Keith Green’s “O Lord, You’re Beautiful.” The haunting tone seems to convey the pathos of the Psalmist. The indented stanzas are a sort of chorus that call for a more hopeful tempo.

O God, please hear my prayer
Don’t hide Your face from me
My soul is restless and distraught
Oppressed by enemies.

I hear their vicious threats
And feel o’erwhelmed with fear
Their rage is fueled by some deep grudge
I’m sure my end is near.

If only I could fly with the wings of a dove
I’d soar to safety far away
A hiding place in rocks above
Escape this wild and raging fray.

O Lord, destroy their plans
The streets are filled with strife
Their wicked plots, deceptive schemes
All aimed against my life.

This foe was once my friend
I thought we were so close
But he betrayed and turned on me
And taunts me with his boasts.

But I will call on the Lord to save
Morning, noon, and night, complain and moan
He hears my voice, redeems my soul
I do not wage this war alone.

My God will humble you
From His eternal throne
You broke our trust and would not change
No fear of God you’ve known.

Your words were smooth and soft
Yet war was in your heart
Behind my back they were drawn swords
Deceiving from the start.

The saints can cast their cares on Him
He will sustain, protect, and save
Not so the wicked, treach’rous souls
For God will send them to the grave.

But righteous ones can trust in You
No matter what the wicked do
You’re upright, holy, good, and just
In You alone I put my trust.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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