Psalm 62

Prayer2In silence, God, my soul does wait
Salvation comes from You
My Rock and Stronghold in the fray
I know that You’ll come through.

How long will you attack a man
And strive to destroy him?
Deceivers, murd’rers, full of plans
Whose hearts are full of sin.

In silence, God, my soul does wait
My hope resides in You
My Rock and Stronghold day by day
Unshaken, I’ll come through.

My safety and my glory rest
On God, my Rock of strength
In Him, at all times, You can trust
Pour out your heart at length.

Don’t place your trust in puny men
Their lives are but a breath
In vain their hope on wealth depends
But soon will end in death.

Hear now the words that God would speak
All power is the Lord’s
So, too, the grace we all would seek
Our trust He thus rewards.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 61

Hear my cry, O God
Hearken to my prayer
When my heart is overwhelmed
Let me know You care.

From the ends of earth, I call
Unto You I cry
Lead me to the Rock, O Lord
Set my feet on high.Rock

You have been my shelter, Lord
A strong tow’r to hide
When my enemies surround
With You I’ll abide.

In the shelter of Your wings
I can trust for e’er
You have heard my vows, O God
And my life You spare.

What a heritage I have
Those who fear Your name
Keep me in Your love and truth
Your praise I proclaim.

© 2014 J Dan Small