Psalm 73

slippery-slopeI know that God is good to us, to all whose hearts are pure
But as for me I almost slipped, my footholds were obscure
It started when I noticed that the wicked had it best
It seemed they got their every wish and never were distressed
Such easy, healthy, prosp’rous lives, in spite of pride and vice
They scoff at heaven, mock what’s right, deny they’ll pay the price
“God doesn’t know or doesn’t care,” they boast in all their ease
Pursuing all their wanton lusts, they do whate’er they please.

But what do I get in return for efforts to do right?
Is it in vain I try so hard to stay pure in Your sight?
Both day and night my life is pressed by troubles, pains, and grief
E’en though I strive for innocence, I never get relief
I dare not utter these complaints betraying what is true
I would not want to undermine Your people’s trust in You
I set myself to understand the reason it was so
But my best efforts were in vain, I simply didn’t know.

Then finally I took my case into God’s sanctuary
And there discovered that His judgment on them would not tarry
Their feet are on a slipp’ry slope and they will surely fall
So suddenly their end will come, fate nothing can forestall
The Lord awakes and laughs at all their proud imaginations
Like morning mist will disappear their dreams and aspirations
On seeing this I re’lized just how senseless and shortsighted
My bitter, anxious, envious thoughts my attitude had blighted.

You never have let go of me, You hold me by the hand
You guide me with Your counsel, helping me to understand
My destiny in You is sure, Your glory I will share
There is no one in heav’n or earth with whom I can compare
My mind and body, they may fail, but You will faithful be
Whereas all those who stray from You, Your judgment soon will see
My God is always by my side, how good to know He’s there
A refuge is the Lord my God, His works I will declare.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 37

Don’t be so jealous of those who do bad
And don’t you be coveting all that they have
It won’t be too long ‘fore their life is no more
And all their prosperity soon will be o’er.

Trust in the Lord and do good everyday
And plant your feet firmly on His narrow way
Delight yourself only in what He requires
And He’ll give to you all that your heart desires.

Give Him control of the path that you take
Entrust to Him all of the plans that you make
As you do these things He will cause you to shine
With goodness and justice and new life divine.

So, patiently wait and find rest now in Him
Don’t fret or be anxious about those who sin
Don’t focus on evil that sinners may do
And don’t become angry, it’s not good for you.

Just wait a short while and they will be no more
But wait on the Lord, He will open new doors
For all of their boasting there’s nothing to show
But, rivers of peace on the meek overflow.

Against godly people the wicked may plot
Be sure that the Lord will bring their plans to naught
They may bend their bows and take out their great sword
It all will come back on themselves, laughs the Lord.

Far better than riches of the wicked throngs
May be the few things that to righteous belong
The wealth of the sinner will soon be dispersed
The plight of the righteous, the Lord will reverse.

The Lord watches over the lives of His saints
So even in famine they’ll have no complaints
The blessings that He gives forever will last
They inherit the earth, and its wealth amass.

The wicked will perish and vanish away
They constantly borrow but never repay
The righteous show mercy and give lib’rally
That’s why the Lord blesses them eternally.

The steps of a good man the Lord oversees
His actions and words cause the Lord to be pleased
And tho he may falter or stumble and fall
The Lord holds his hand and will raise him up tall.

I’ve lived many years and don’t think I’m mistaken
But never have seen any righteous forsaken
Their children aren’t starving or begging for bread
They’re merciful, constantly giving instead.

I hope from this poem you learn that you should
Depart from all evil and only do good
With justice the Lord always is satisfied
And from those who fear Him He never will hide.

The mouth of the righteous speaks only what’s right
And wisdom and justice are his great delight
In his heart is hidden the law of his God
His steps will be solid wherever he plod.

Be sure that the wicked will soon be cut down
But your generations forever abound
So don’t be dismayed when they try to assail
The Lord cares for you and will cause them to fail.

So wait on the Lord and stay fixed on His path
You’ll get the Lord’s blessing, the wicked -His wrath
Although they have flourished like massive green trees
They’ll soon pass away and be gone like a breeze.

So note the upright and the blameless observe
A life full of peace now for them is reserved
I’ve said it before but must say it once more
Transgressors have nothing but trouble in store.

Salvation for righteous will come from the Lord
His help and deliv’rance a certain reward
He’ll give them His strength to endure the hard day
Because they have trusted in Him all the way.

© 2014 J Dan Small