Psalm 146

Psalm 146Praise the Lord, yes, praise the Lord,
Let all that is within me praise my God
As long as I shall live, until my dying breath
My soul, my life, my voice will give Him laud.

Don’t put your trust in mortal man
They cannot save, they too shall pass away
When princes breath their last, their soul returns to dust
And all the plans they made be gone that day.

But blest the one who hopes in God
Whose help comes from the One who made all things
He keeps His promises, gives justice to the poor
And to the pris’ner joyful freedom brings.

The Lord who made the earth and sky
Feeds hungry souls and opens blinded eyes
All those weighed down lifts up, protects the foreigner
The needs of orphans, widows, won’t despise.

All godly ones are loved by Him
But plans of wicked men He will destroy
The Lord will reign forever, He will be your God
Oh, praise the Lord, God’s people, with great joy.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 119 – א Aleph

Psalm 119 is unusual in that it consists of 22 8-verse sections. Some Jewish traditions suggest that David wrote this as a way to teach young Solomon his alphabet. This is my attempt to duplicate that effort by having the first letter of every stanza in each section begin with the same letter (Hebrew transliterated). Occasionally I will use the Hebrew word as part of the poetry.

All who walk upright are blessed
to God’s law they acquiesce.

Asreh, Blest, His statutes keep
God, with all their heart they seek.

Always walking in His way
follow Him and never stray.

Axioms that God has made
should, by us, be all obeyed.

Abiding in what You require
is my heart’s supreme desire.

Ashamed my soul would never be
looking at commands from Thee.

A heart that’s pure pours out its praise
as it discerns Your righteous ways.

Avowed to follow Your decree
do not, O Lord, abandon me.

Psalm 118

This is the DayO give thanks unto the Lord whose goodness we esteem
Lovingkindness never failing is our theme
All who honor Adonai can join the throng
Lovingkindness everlasting is our song.

In distress I called on Him and He answered me
Brought me to a spacious place and set me free
Now I know the Lord is for me, I’ll not fear
What can man do to afflict if He is near?

I shall triumph o’er my foes with Him by my side
Trusting not in earthly pow’rs, in Him I will hide
When surrounded on all sides I’ll call on His name
They’ll be cut off and destroyed like thorns in the flame.

Foes had pushed against me hard so that I would fall
But the Lord, my strength and song, replied to my call
Shouts of vict’ry and rejoicing, hear the glad sound
In the right hand of the Lord great triumph is found.

I’ll not die but live to tell what my Lord has done
Chastened by His hand severely, new life begun
Open wide the holy gates that thanks I may give
“Thank you that You answered me and caused me to live.”

Such amazing things accomplished by the Lord alone
Once rejected by the builders, now the cornerstone
This, the day the Lord has made, be glad and rejoice
Lord, we call on You to save us, please hear our voice.

Join us in the great procession citing His fame
Blessed He who comes to us in Adonai’s name
From the house of Adonai our blessings we bestow
Adonai, our God, is shining, in His light we go.

I declare, “You are my God!” it’s You I thank and praise
I exalt You as my God and will through endless days
Adonai, the Lord, is good, give thanks unto Him
Lovingkindness everlasting, this is our hymn.

© 2014  J Dan Small