Psalm 115

idolTo us no glory can belong but only to Your name
‘Tis Your unfailing love and truth we joyfully proclaim.

The nations ask, “Where is their God?” in taunting voice and shrill
Our sov’reign God dwells high above and does whate’er He will.

They think their gods superior of silver and of gold
Mere stony relics they have made and in their hands can hold.

With muted mouths and sightless eyes and ears that are not real
Idols with noses that can’t smell and hands that cannot feel.

They do have feet but cannot move, their voiceless throats are dumb
All those who made or trust in them will soon, like them, become.

O Israel, put your trust in God, He is your help and shield
O house of Aaron, turn to Him, He is your help and shield.

All those who fear the Lord can trust –He is your help and shield
Your Lord has kept you on His mind, His blessings hath revealed.

The Lord will bless all Israel, the house of Aaron, too
To small and great who fear the Lord His blessings will accrue.

May Adonai increase your clan, your children all give birth
May you be blessed by Adonai, Maker of heav’n and earth.

The heav’ns above belong to Him, they are His dwelling-place
The earth is ours to tend and keep, made for the human race.

The dead do not praise Adonai, in silent stillness lie
But as for us, we’ll bless the Lord from this time forth for aye.

© 2014  J Dan Small

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