Psalm 119 – ת Taw

lost sheepTo You I cry, please hear, O Lord
give me discernment through Your word.

To You I lift my prayer and plea
as You have promised, rescue me.

Taught by You in all Your ways
my lips o’erflow with words of praise.

Today Your word I’ll speak abroad
Your perfect laws remain unflawed.

Trusting, I choose Your precepts right
stretch forth Your hand, help with Thy might.

tā·’aḇ·tî, I long for You to save
Your law my delight, Your word I crave.

tə·ḥî- nap̄·šî, let my soul live, I pray
and let Your good rules help me today.

tā·‘î·ṯî, I’ve gone astray just like a sheep
seek me and find me, Your laws I will keep.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ש Sin/Shin

Studying-TorahSlandered and picked on by princes for naught
my heart stands in awe of the words you have taught.

śāś, (שָׂ֣שׂ)  rejoicing in Your word I take so much pleasure
like someone who while searching discovers a vast treasure.

Surely I hate and abhor those who lie
Your Torah I love and with its truths ally.

Seven times throughout the day
I praise You for Your righteous ways.

Shalom, great peace have all who love Thy law
ne’er shall they stumble, nor from its truths withdraw.

Salvation from You, Lord, is the longing of my heart
Your mitzvoth I obey and from them won’t depart.

Seeking Your instruction my soul finds delight
I love it oh so much, its truths I will recite.

Search me and know me, my life’s an open book
I keep Your testimonies and to Your word I look.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ך Resh

Bible carriedRescue me, consider my affliction
Your law I don’t forget but keep with great conviction.

Redeem me, plead my cause I pray
You spoke Your word of promise, revive my life today.

Rebels Your salvation cannot know
because Your laws and statutes they forego.

Revive me in Your perfect justice, Lord
let tender mercies on Your servant be outpoured.

Replete with persecutors and enemies
but I’ll not swerve from Your testimonies.

Repulsed by how the traitors act
because Your word they won’t enact.

Restore, revive me in Your love
I love Your precepts from above.

Reliable and true, Your word is pure
forever will Your righteous laws endure.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ק Qoph

dawn qā·rā·ṯî, I cried with all my heart
answer me, Yahweh, I’ll ne’er depart.

qə·rā·ṯî·ḵā, I cried to You, Lord, won’t You save?
I’ll keep Your commands and I won’t misbehave.

Quite early I rise, even long before dawn
and cry out for help, Your word leaning upon.

qid·də·mū, anticipation wakes me in the night
to ponder Your promise always brings delight.

Quicken, revive me because You are just
in grace, hear my voice, Adonai whom I trust.

qā·rə·ḇū, they close in on me with their plots
while wandering far from the laws You have taught.

qā·rō·wḇ, You are near to me, Yahweh, my Lord
Your mitzvoth are true and they bring great reward.

qe·ḏem, long ago I learned Your commands
were made to endure, they forever will stand.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – צ Tsadhe

hands on Bible tṣad·dîq, righteous and just, Lord, in all that You do
Your judgments impartial, trustworthy, and true.

tṣiw·wî·ṯā, all Your commands, testimonies, decrees
are utterly perfect because they’re from Thee.

tṣim·mə·ṯaṯ·nî, all torn up inside, I’m upset and dismayed
at how all my enemies Your laws degrade.

tṣə·rū·p̄āh, pure and refined, proven right every time
Your word, Lord, I love, gladly claim it as mine.

tṣā·‘îr, small and looked-down on, by others despised
I look to Your precepts, by me they are prized.

tṣiḏ·qā·ṯə·ḵā, Your righteousness forever will unchanging stand
Your Torah, the truth, an enduring command.

Tsunamis of trouble have swept over me
still I will delight in Your righteous decree.

tṣe·ḏeq, so right are Your words they will last evermore
help me understand so I’ll live, I implore.

This Hebrew letter is unusual for English-speaking tongues to verbalize.  That’s why the only common word in English that starts with the ts sound is tsunami.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – פ Pe

BiblePə·lā·’ō·wṯ, so wonderful are Your statutes to me
that’s why my soul gladly with them doth agree.

Pê·ṯaḥ, unfolding Your word is like turning on lights
through them simple-minded gain vital insights.

Panting and thirsting to learn more from You
Your mitzvoth I long for because they are true.

Please turn in great mercy Your face upon me
just as You do unto all who love Thee.

Plant my steps firm in the path of Your word
let sins domination of me be deterred.

Protect me from all the oppression of man
I’ll keep all Your precepts as best as I can.

pā·ne·ḵā, make Your face shine in favor on me
teach me Your statutes, Your laws and decrees.

Plenty of tears I have shed with heartache
for sinners who foolishly Your laws forsake.

Psalm 119 – ע Ayin*

praying hands‘a·śî·ṯî, I’ve done what is just and is right
do not abandon me to oppressors plight.

‘a·rōḇ, guarantee Your blessing to Your servant, I pray
shield from the proud who would harass me today.

‘ê·nay,  my eyes are straining to see how You’ll save
how You’ll keep Your good promise, the word that You gave.

‘ă·śêh, deal with Your servant in mercy and grace
teach me Your statutes, Your laws I’ll embrace.

‘aḇ·də·ḵā, Your servant I am, help me understand
the purpose and meaning of all Your commands.

‘êṯ, it’s time, Adonai, that You take some clear action
Against all their sins, their misdeeds and infractions.

‘al, therefore Your commandments I love and I cherish
much more than fine gold which eventu’lly will perish.

‘al, because all Your precepts I honor as true
I hate every false way, all evil eschew.

* This is a silent letter in Hebrew, perhaps similar to our “h” in honor, herb, or hour.  Rather than utilize a variety of such English words that begin with a silent letter I have opted to implement the Hebrew word transliterated followed by the English equivalent.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ס Samekh

Hiding-placeSê·‘ă·p̄îm, double-minded, I surely detest
but I love Your law, to its virtues attest.

Since You are my shield and my safe hiding-place
I hope in Your word and its truths I embrace.

Scram!  Take your sick minds and go far, far away
I obey God, from His word will not stray.

Support me, stand by me, Your promise fulfill
do not crush my hopes, let me live if You will.

Sustain me and save me, deliver from death
I’ll ponder Your precepts until my last breath.

Scoundrels and fools, You reject all who stray
deceived in their folly they won’t go Your way.

Si·ḡîm, like dross, wicked You skim off the earth
I love Your just ways, will declare their great worth.

Sā·mar, trembling, shaking my flesh is in fear
Your judgments and rulings I know are severe.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ן Nun

lampNêr, a lamp to my feet and a light on the way
Your word shows the path so I won’t go astray.

Now swear I an oath and confirm with my word
to keep all the laws from Your mouth I have heard.

Needy, afflicted, with sufferings fraught
revive me, O Lord, with the word You have taught.

Niḏ·ḇō·wṯ, freewill off’rings, O Lord, please receive
and teach me your laws and decrees to believe.

Never will I Your commandments forget
not even when my fragile life faces threats.

Nefarious foes lay their traps in my way
yet from Your good precepts I refuse to stray.

Nā·ḥal·tî, I’ve inherited the laws You impart
forever my treasure, the joy of my heart.

Newly resolved my heart wants to obey
Your rules and Your laws every step of the way.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ם Mem

honey Meditating day and night
I love Your Law, it’s truths recite.

Made wiser than my enemies
Your statutes give me expertise.

More than my mentors contemplate
for on Your word I meditate.

More than my elders I perceive
for to Your precepts I do cleave.

My feet I keep from evil ways
so from Your word I may not stray.

Mentored by You in truth applied
Your laws I’ll never set aside.

Much tastier than honey sweet
Your words my spirit loves to eat.

Mainly from learning Your precepts
false ways I hate and do reject.

© J Dan Small