Psalm 119 – כ Kaph

desperate-prayerCraving salvation my soul nearly faints
I’ll hope in Your word without any constraints.

Comfort?  Where is it?  Your promise to me?
my eyes fail from searching so diligently.

Kə·nōḏ, like a wineskin in smoke dry and cracked
yet Your laws and Your statutes I will not neglect.

Count the days of Your servant, how long must I wait
‘Till Your judgment my foes will receive as their fate?

Calamity, that’s what the proud plan for me
but none of their thoughts with Your law would agree.

Constant and true Your commands we can trust
protect me from foes whose attacks are unjust.

Close to death they have brought me right up to the brink
yet from Your good precepts I refuse to shrink.

Covenant love must revive and preserve
so the words from Your mouth I can closely observe.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 118

This is the DayO give thanks unto the Lord whose goodness we esteem
Lovingkindness never failing is our theme
All who honor Adonai can join the throng
Lovingkindness everlasting is our song.

In distress I called on Him and He answered me
Brought me to a spacious place and set me free
Now I know the Lord is for me, I’ll not fear
What can man do to afflict if He is near?

I shall triumph o’er my foes with Him by my side
Trusting not in earthly pow’rs, in Him I will hide
When surrounded on all sides I’ll call on His name
They’ll be cut off and destroyed like thorns in the flame.

Foes had pushed against me hard so that I would fall
But the Lord, my strength and song, replied to my call
Shouts of vict’ry and rejoicing, hear the glad sound
In the right hand of the Lord great triumph is found.

I’ll not die but live to tell what my Lord has done
Chastened by His hand severely, new life begun
Open wide the holy gates that thanks I may give
“Thank you that You answered me and caused me to live.”

Such amazing things accomplished by the Lord alone
Once rejected by the builders, now the cornerstone
This, the day the Lord has made, be glad and rejoice
Lord, we call on You to save us, please hear our voice.

Join us in the great procession citing His fame
Blessed He who comes to us in Adonai’s name
From the house of Adonai our blessings we bestow
Adonai, our God, is shining, in His light we go.

I declare, “You are my God!” it’s You I thank and praise
I exalt You as my God and will through endless days
Adonai, the Lord, is good, give thanks unto Him
Lovingkindness everlasting, this is our hymn.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 33

Sing out for joy unto the Lord all you who are upright
Give thanks, sing praise, and shout for joy, your harps play skillfully
Justice He loves and righteousness, your praise is His delight
His word and works are always true, His mercies all can see.

With just a word the heav’ns were formed, His breath the stars so grand
The waters of the oceans deep He stores in piles vast
Let all the earth now fear the Lord, in awe before Him stand
For when He speaks, the work is done; at His command, stands fast.

While mortal men do plot and scheme He frustrates everything
But all His plans and purposes for ages will abide
Blessed is the nation that has made the Lord their God and King
Indeed, the people He did choose to keep them by His side.

The Lord looks on the sons of earth from His place in the sky
Their inmost hearts were made by Him, their works He understands
In vain do kings and armies great on their own strength rely
Salvation and deliv’rance ne’er can come from all their plans.

But the Lord’s eye is on the ones who fear Him and whose hope
Rests solely on His lovingkindness as their help and shield
Our soul waits for the Lord to act, His mercies we invoke
Rejoice and trust in Him always, before Him humbly yield.

© 2014 J Dan Small