Psalm 119 – ט Teth

TorahTo Your servant, O Lord, You have been so good
just as You promised and said that You would.

Teach me good judgment and all I should know
I trust Your instructions that help me grow.

Too many times I would go astray
now that You’ve chastened, Your word I obey.

Truly, O Lord, You are good through and through
Teach me your statutes and what I should do.

Treacherous, arrogant men slander me
yet all Your precepts I’ll keep faithfully.

Touting their wealth, by possessions misled
I find my pleasure in Your law instead.

Trials and suff’ring for me have been good
they taught me to learn from You all that I should.

Tons of pure silver and gold can’t eclipse
the Torah You’ve taught me, that’s come from Your lips.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 119 – ח Heth

midnite prayerChoosing You as my portion, O Lord
I have promised to obey Your word.

ḥil·lî·ṯî, I beg for Your grace
which You promised as I seek Your face.

Considering which way to go
Your statutes the best paths will show.

Commands You set forth I’ll obey
I will hurry and will not delay.

Cords of wicked men seek to ensnare
I remember Your law and go there.

Choruses of thanks I recite
for Your laws when I rise at midnight.

Companions I choose who fear Thee
and all who obey Your decree.

ḥas·də·ḵā, Your great love fills the earth
teach me, Lord, Your decrees and their worth.

This Hebrew letter is not what it appears –rather than an “h” sound it is a “ch” as in Bach –coming from the back of the throat.  Two other Hebrew letters also make a similar sound so I have stretched the phonetics by including the word “choosing.”  There is no Hebrew equivalent for the English “ch” as in choose.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 105

pillar of fireO give thanks unto the Lord and call upon His name
Sing His praises, tell His wonders, spread abroad His fame
Ye who worship Adonai rejoice with gladdened hearts
Never cease to seek His presence and His strength He will impart.

Call to mind His countless wonders, untold marvels, wise decrees
Sons of Jacob, all His chosen, come before Him, bend your knees
He, the Lord our God, is righteous, faithful to His promises
For a thousand generations He will do just what He says.

Once He promised Canaan’s portion as their lasting heritage
Abra’m, Isaac, Jacob, Israel –wand’rers on a pilgrimage
God preserved them and protected “touch not My anointed ones”
Warning kings of foreign nations not to harm His chosen sons.

As His sov’reign plan unfolded, Canaan’s famine caused them grief
But He sent ahead a savior who would bring them much relief
Joseph, sold as slave in fetters, down to Egypt bound with chains
Tested, tried, and oft rejected, in dark prisons he remains.

Then, when time had reached its fullness, he would see his dreams come true
Pharaoh made him prince of Egypt, wise men sought his point of view
Then it was in Ham they settled, Jacob’s humble tribe of few
There they prospered and were hated as their numbers grew and grew.

Over time they were subjected to oppressive slavery
God had turned the hearts of Egypt planning their delivery
Moses, Aaron, chosen servants, worked His signs and wonders there
Caused the captors grievous troubles driving them to deep despair.

When the land was cloaked in darkness, Egypt would not set them free
Water turned to blood around them, frogs and flies, a scourge of fleas
Hail and light’ning shattered trees and hordes of locusts ate their fields
Hardened hearts would not surrender, still to God they would not yield.

Then the firstborn sons of Egypt, pride and joy of every home
Were the object of death’s angel, Israel now was free to roam
Throughout all the tribes of Israel no one stumbled or was hurt
Egypt gave them all their treasures, having earned their just deserts.

Out they went with cloud to shield them, fiery pillar lit night skies
Quails and manna, food from heaven, water from a rock supplies
Faithful to His sacred promise, out they came with joyful songs
Eating crops they had not planted, now the land to them belongs.

All these things the Lord accomplished, faithful to His covenant
As He promised Abraham with sacred oath and testament
So these loved and chosen people would His will and laws obey,
Follow closely all His teachings, from His precepts never stray.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!  All God’s children sing His praise!
Shout for joy, recount His blessings, to His throne your voices raise!

© 2014  J Dan Small