Psalm 119 – ח Heth

midnite prayerChoosing You as my portion, O Lord
I have promised to obey Your word.

ḥil·lî·ṯî, I beg for Your grace
which You promised as I seek Your face.

Considering which way to go
Your statutes the best paths will show.

Commands You set forth I’ll obey
I will hurry and will not delay.

Cords of wicked men seek to ensnare
I remember Your law and go there.

Choruses of thanks I recite
for Your laws when I rise at midnight.

Companions I choose who fear Thee
and all who obey Your decree.

ḥas·də·ḵā, Your great love fills the earth
teach me, Lord, Your decrees and their worth.

This Hebrew letter is not what it appears –rather than an “h” sound it is a “ch” as in Bach –coming from the back of the throat.  Two other Hebrew letters also make a similar sound so I have stretched the phonetics by including the word “choosing.”  There is no Hebrew equivalent for the English “ch” as in choose.

© J Dan Small