Psalm 140

snakeO Lord, deliver me from men with evil hearts
Whose poisoned words and wicked plots
Like snakes, poise for attack.

O Lord, protect my life from all their traps and snares
They plan to cause my feet to trip
And spread a net for me.

O Lord, You are my God, now hear my desp’rate plea
My Strength, Protector of my head
Don’t let their scheme succeed.

May all who plot my doom be thrown into the fire
Or into pits never to rise
O’ercome by their own sin.

O Lord, maintain the cause of all who are oppressed
Surely the righteous will give thanks
And live with You for e’er.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 139

Ps 139O Lord, my ways are known to You
You’ve searched my inmost part
When sitting, lying, rising up
You know what’s in my heart.

You know my thoughts before I speak
Each word aforehand heard
You both precede and follow me
Your blessing, too, conferred.

My mind could never comprehend
Nor could I e’er explain
Your knowledge is more wonderful
Too lofty to attain.

Not only do You know each thought
Your presence doth surround
No matter where on earth I dwell
Your Spirit there is found.

I see You there in heav’ns above
And in the oceans vast
If I should take the wings of dawn
Your hand still holds me fast.

I cannot hide in darkest night
To You night shines like day
Darkness and light are both the same
I cannot get away.

‘Tis You who formed me in the womb
So wonderf’lly complex
And so my body and my soul
Your craftsmanship reflects.

Before I ever took a breath
You knew who I would be
And wrote down in Your record book
The days ordained for me.

You’re thinking of me all the time
I could not count the ways
Each detail of my life You see
Your presence with me stays.

Away from me, you wicked lot
Who speak against the Lord
They take Your name in vain, O God
Destroy them with Your sword.

Please search and know my heart, O God
My anxious thoughts display
Expose whatever may offend
Lead in th’eternal way.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 138

bowing-down-3I give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart
Bowing down I sing Your praise, declare Your fame
Steadfast love ever new
To Your promise always true
Magnified Your precious Word above Your name.

On the day that I called You answered me
Made me bold with Your strength within my soul
Mighty kings sing Your praise
Declare the glory of Your ways
And the words from Your mouth they will extol.

Though the Lord is great, exalted on high
To the humble He draws near with great care
But haughty and proud
He has surely disavowed
Let us bring to Him our burdens now in prayer.

Tho I walk in midst of trouble, You preserve
You deliver from my foes ill-tempered plans
Your hand You stretch out
My salvation bring about
You will not forsake the work of Your hands.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 137

HarpsBy rivers of Babylon we sat and wept
Remembering Zion, the homes we had left
Our harps and our lyres upon willows were hung
We could not enjoy all the songs we had sung.

Our captors demanded we sing songs of joy
“Sing songs of your homeland,” they said to annoy
But how can we lift up the songs of the Lord
As captives, oppressed, under threat of the sword?

Jerusalem’s mem’ries with me sure will stay
Or let my right hand simply wither away
My tongue be unable to utter a sound
If my greatest joy in you is not found.

O Lord, You recall Edom’s joy when we fell
When Babylon struck, “Tear it down!” they did yell
You’re doomed, Babylon, and will certainly fall
We’ll rejoice when you’re gone, your babies and all!

© J Dan Small

Psalm 136

Ps 136Lovingkindness never ending, Adonai is good
God of gods and Lord of lords, we thank You as we should.

Lovingkindness never ending, wonder-working God
Skillfully You made the heavens spreading it abroad.

Lovingkindness never ending, Source of perfect light
Made the sun to rule the day, the moon and stars for night.

Lovingkindness never ending, set His people free
Struck down Egypt’s firstborn sons and led us through the sea.

Lovingkindness never ending, gave us victory
Pharaoh, Sihon, Og of Bashan, o’er our enemy.

Lovingkindness never ending, gave us our own land
Rescued us from adversaries by His own strong hand.

Lovingkindness never ending, we give thanks to Thee
God of heaven, our Provider, grace You give eternally.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 135

psalm-and-winter-scene-vl-boydSing praise to the name of the Lord
Praise, all you servants of the Lord
You who stand in His house, in the courtyard of God
Praise His name, He is good, praise the Lord.

He has chosen you to be His own
As His treasure you have become known
Adonai is so great, far above other gods
Ruling over the world from His throne.

Sov’reign Creator o’er skies and the seas
In heaven and earth does whatever He please
Causing clouds to arise, sending lightning and breeze
All out of His vast treasuries.

Victorious o’er Egypt’s firstborn
Signs and wonders He gave them to warn
Many nations and kings were defeated, cast down
Gave their land to His people as sworn.

Your name, O Lord, doth endure
Your fame and renown, Lord, is sure
Generations will see that You take pity
Your judgments are true, right, and pure.

The gods of the nations around
Have ears but they can’t hear a sound
Eyes that can’t see and no breath in their mouths
All who trust them, like them will be found.

Bless the Lord, ye people of God
All who rev’rence and fear Him, applaud
From Zion He reigns, so bless His great name
Hallelujah! By all He is awed.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 133

Ps 133What sweet aromas fill the air
When saints true oneness know
Rich fragrance permeates the scene
God’s blessings there do flow.

Like precious oil on Aaron’s robes
A presence sensed by all
Refreshing as the morning dew
On Zion’s hills doth fall.

A special blessing God confers
On all who dwell as one
An endless life like His above
In them has just begun.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 132

Davids ThroneLord, remember David’s longing
And the solemn vow he swore?
“I will give myself no respite
‘Till I find a place for You.”

When Your ark was found in Jaar
Symbol of Your mighty pow’r
Priests arrayed in righteous garments
Joined the saints in joyous song.

“Let us worship at His footstool
Go into His dwelling place”
For the Lord has chosen Zion
As His resting place fore’er.

Lord, remember too, Your promise
Unto David’s royal line
If they would obey Your cov’nant
They would reign till end of time.

Adonai has chosen Zion
As His permanent abode
“This is where I want My home
Plenteous blessings have bestowed.”

“I will prosper priest and pauper
All who dwell in her rejoice
Clothe her enemies with shame but
Give to David a shining crown.”

© J Dan Small

Psalm 131

weanedLike a child calm and still, Lord
Resting ‘gainst it’s mother’s chest
Is my soul in Your strong arms, Lord
Knowing You’ll do what is best.

I choose not to fill my mind with
Anxious thoughts and questions why
Humbly take life as You give it
Never on myself rely.

All God’s people, hear this anthem
Put your hope in Adonai
From this time and through forever
Trust the Lord who dwells on high.

© J Dan Small