Psalm 135

psalm-and-winter-scene-vl-boydSing praise to the name of the Lord
Praise, all you servants of the Lord
You who stand in His house, in the courtyard of God
Praise His name, He is good, praise the Lord.

He has chosen you to be His own
As His treasure you have become known
Adonai is so great, far above other gods
Ruling over the world from His throne.

Sov’reign Creator o’er skies and the seas
In heaven and earth does whatever He please
Causing clouds to arise, sending lightning and breeze
All out of His vast treasuries.

Victorious o’er Egypt’s firstborn
Signs and wonders He gave them to warn
Many nations and kings were defeated, cast down
Gave their land to His people as sworn.

Your name, O Lord, doth endure
Your fame and renown, Lord, is sure
Generations will see that You take pity
Your judgments are true, right, and pure.

The gods of the nations around
Have ears but they can’t hear a sound
Eyes that can’t see and no breath in their mouths
All who trust them, like them will be found.

Bless the Lord, ye people of God
All who rev’rence and fear Him, applaud
From Zion He reigns, so bless His great name
Hallelujah! By all He is awed.

© J Dan Small