Psalm 140

snakeO Lord, deliver me from men with evil hearts
Whose poisoned words and wicked plots
Like snakes, poise for attack.

O Lord, protect my life from all their traps and snares
They plan to cause my feet to trip
And spread a net for me.

O Lord, You are my God, now hear my desp’rate plea
My Strength, Protector of my head
Don’t let their scheme succeed.

May all who plot my doom be thrown into the fire
Or into pits never to rise
O’ercome by their own sin.

O Lord, maintain the cause of all who are oppressed
Surely the righteous will give thanks
And live with You for e’er.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 116

Rescue meI love the Lord who hears my prayer
Inclines His ear in loving care
I’ll call on Him while I have breath
And when engulfed by cords of death.

My soul with terror faced Sheol
I felt death’s fingers ‘round my soul
Midst anxious thoughts and inner strife
“Lord, I beseech You, save my life.”

How kind and good is Adonai
On His compassion we rely
The humble ones He will preserve
He cares far more than we deserve.

My soul, return now to your rest
By Adonai you have been blessed
Rescued from death and sorrows tears
No falt’ring steps need cause you fear.

I live and walk before the Lord
On earth my life has been restored
Amidst my pain I did believe
But not in men who do deceive.

With what could I repay the Lord
For all His benefits outpoured?
I’ll call upon His precious name
And from His hand salvation claim.

I’ll publicly fulfill my vow
In the assembly ‘fore Him bow
The death of saints in our Lord’s sight
Is precious when our souls take flight.

Your humble servant I remain
You freed me from death’s awful chains
I lift my offering of praise
Calling Your name my voice I raise.

I’ll publicly fulfill my vow
In the assembly ‘fore Him bow
In Jerus’lem’s courts with one accord
We’ll sing and shout, “Praise ye the Lord!”

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 108

grace-and-gloryO God, my heart is set on praise –to lift my voice to You
At break of dawn I’ll sing and play a melody that’s new
All peoples hear my song of thanks, my praises as they rise
To You whose love and faithfulness is higher than the skies.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens
May the radiance of Your glory fill the earth
In the midst of battle, hear, and bring salvation
By Your strong right hand deliver those You love.

In Your holiness You gave Your word of promise
“I’ll divide the land and give each one their portion
Every tribe will know their place and play a role
O’er your foes I cast my shoe and shout in triumph.”

But You, O God, have cast us off and left us on our own
How can we take the fortresses and break through Edom’s walls?
Mere human help is sure to fail, please help against our foes
With You we can do valiantly ‘gainst all who do oppose.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 107

Ocean StormO give thanks unto the Lord for He is good
Showers us with lovingkindness now and evermore
Let all those redeemed from bondage readily confess
Those He gathered from dispersion: north, south, east and west.

Long in desert wastes they wandered looking for a home
Hungry, thirsty, souls were fainting, finally cried for help
He delivered them from troubles, out of their distress
Down a straight path to a city ready to possess.

Oh, that men would thank the Lord for all His wondrous works
With grateful hearts declare His goodness to the sons of earth
He satisfies the thirsty soul and fills the hungry heart
We recount the many blessings that His goodness doth impart.

Once they sat in deepest darkness, in death’s shadow dwelt
Bound with chains and sore afflicted, labored ‘neath the captors whip
This oppression came upon them because they rejected God
Spurned His counsel, disobeyed, then felt the stinging judgment rod.

Down they fell with none to help them, so unto the Lord they called
He, in mercy, broke their chains, and saved them from their deep distress
Oh, that men would thank Him often for all of His wondrous deeds
Gratefully declare His goodness which our evil supersedes.

Fools, in their rebellious ways and sins did often suffer grief
Lost all appetite for food, hopeless, drew near to gates of death
Then cried out to the Lord to save, He sent His word to heal
He once again delivered them, saved from the captor’s heel.

Oh, that men would thank the Lord for all His wondrous pow’r
With grateful hearts declare His goodness to the sons of earth
Sacrifices of thanksgiving let them offer willingly
Much rejoicing for His mercy, mighty works that set them free.

Men who toil on ships at sea, on oceans ply their trade
See the mighty pow’r of God as storms their craft doth shake
Foaming waves that lift them high then plummet to the depths
Staggering like drunken men they fear a certain death.

And as their soul melts in distress, they cry out to the Lord
With swift command He calms the storm, stills waves and guides them home
Oh, that men would thank the Lord who, in His goodness, saves
Exalt His name with all the saints, ‘midst elders shout His praise.

To judge the wicked in their land He sometimes sends a flood
At other times springs are dried up and drought destroys the fields
But for the needy and oppressed He waters thirsty ground
Providing for their crops and herds a harvest that abounds.

He feels the misery and woe the poor must oft endure
So pours contempt on noble lords and makes them wander ‘bout
He lifts the needy from their plight, they flourish like a flock
The righteous see it and rejoice but wicked mouths are stopped.

May all who contemplate this psalm consider what they read
The wise will learn and understand, good counsel they will heed
Observe the lovingkindness and the goodness of the Lord
And choose to walk in humble ways which He will oft reward.

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 80

Shepherd of Israel, please hear our prayer
Show us Your power, Your glory, Your care
Rescue Your sheep who are scattered in fear
Our food and our drink has been nothing but tears.

Make Your face shine on Your people once more
Save us, O God, only You can restore.

See how Your people are objects of scorn
Day after day we do nothing but mourn.
Lord of the armies of heaven above
Look upon us in your mercy and love.

GrapevineFrom Egypt You took us, a tender grapevine
Transplanted with care in the land You assigned.
In those days we prospered and spread out our roots
The entire region was blessed with our fruit.

You’ve broken our walls and let enemies steal
Wild beasts of the field consume us as their meal
Lord of the armies of heaven divine
Look down and take care of Your special grapevine.

May those who have burned us feel Your fiery wrath
Raise up Your choice people set firm on Your path
Then we won’t forsake You as we did before
Revive us, we’ll call on Your name yet once more.

Make Your face shine on Your people again
Only our God can restore fallen men.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 71

David harpI run to You, O Adonai, to rescue me from shame
Be Thou my Refuge, shelt’ring Rock, hide me in Thy great name
Your righteousness is sure to save, my constant hiding place
Deliver me from all my foes and trials that I face.

When I was in my mother’s womb You watched and cared for me
No wonder I’ve made You my hope, my praise continually
In awe and wonder others see the way that You protect
And I, in worship, all day long Your glory recollect.

As I get older my strength fails, please don’t abandon me
The enemies who seek my life think You no longer see
So hurry, God, oppose the proud and put them in their place
May all who seek to harm me end in shame and much disgrace.

But as for me, I’ll not lose hope, I’ll praise You more and more
I can’t keep count of Your great works, O Lord, whom I adore
There is no one like our great God who saves in righteousness
Day after day, continually, with my mouth I’ll confess.

O God, You’ve taught me from my youth, and now I’m old and gray
Do not forsake me now, O God, I’ve so much more to say
I’ll make sure each new generation learns about Your deeds
So they will know that they can trust in You for all their needs.

Your ways are right because You see from heaven far above
Who is like You, O Lord my God, so faithful in Your love?
Tho You have let me see deep trials, You bring me up again
You raise me from disgrace and pain and comfort as a friend.

Break out the instruments of praise, I’ll sing to You, my God
My lips will shout, my tongue exclaim, your faithfulness applaud
You rescued me from vicious foes, I can’t stop praising You
And those who tried to do me harm are utterly subdued.

© 2014 J Dan Small