Psalm 139

Ps 139O Lord, my ways are known to You
You’ve searched my inmost part
When sitting, lying, rising up
You know what’s in my heart.

You know my thoughts before I speak
Each word aforehand heard
You both precede and follow me
Your blessing, too, conferred.

My mind could never comprehend
Nor could I e’er explain
Your knowledge is more wonderful
Too lofty to attain.

Not only do You know each thought
Your presence doth surround
No matter where on earth I dwell
Your Spirit there is found.

I see You there in heav’ns above
And in the oceans vast
If I should take the wings of dawn
Your hand still holds me fast.

I cannot hide in darkest night
To You night shines like day
Darkness and light are both the same
I cannot get away.

‘Tis You who formed me in the womb
So wonderf’lly complex
And so my body and my soul
Your craftsmanship reflects.

Before I ever took a breath
You knew who I would be
And wrote down in Your record book
The days ordained for me.

You’re thinking of me all the time
I could not count the ways
Each detail of my life You see
Your presence with me stays.

Away from me, you wicked lot
Who speak against the Lord
They take Your name in vain, O God
Destroy them with Your sword.

Please search and know my heart, O God
My anxious thoughts display
Expose whatever may offend
Lead in th’eternal way.

© J Dan Small

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