Psalm 130

watchmanFrom depths of despair I cry for help
Please hear my plea, I pray!

If You, O Lord, kept track of our sins
Then who, O Lord, could stand?

But, thankfully, You forgive our sins
That we may learn to fear.

I’m like a sentry waiting for dawn
While waiting for the Lord.

My soul does wait and hopes in Your word
My soul waits for the Lord.

O Israel, hope in the Lord your God
With Him is steadfast love.

He will redeem her from all her sins
Redemption overflows.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 129

psalm_129_3_Greatly oppressed since I was young
My enemies persecute
Greatly oppressed since I was young
My enemies persecute

They plowed my back and dug in deep
But have not overcome.
The Lord is good Who set me free
Their cords He has cut off.

May all who hate Jerusalem
Be turned back in defeat
As useless as the withered grass
Half-grown and good for naught
May all who see them never say,
“May God bless you today.”

© J Dan Small

Psalm 128

BlessingsWhat blessings fill the lives of all who fear the Lord
By walking in His ways, great joy is your reward.
The work you do will prosper
And your wife a fruitful vine
Like olive trees in blossom
‘Round your table kids recline
Oh, what blessings come to everyone who fears His name
Countless treasures and rewards are theirs to claim.

The Lord bless you out of Zion
May you prosper all your days
May you see your children’s children
As you walk in all His ways
May shalom be on God’s people
As they fix on Him their gaze.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 127

children giftUnless the Lord builds the house
The builders work in vain
Unless the Lord guards the city
The sentries watch in vain.

Why do you work from dawn to dusk
In hopes of having food to eat?
When God will meet your deepest needs
And give you rest.

And don’t resent having children
They’re a gift from the Lord
Like arrows in a warrior’s quiver
You’ll be glad you had a lot
And when the enemy confronts you
You will not be ashamed
Because the fruit of the womb is a reward.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 126

The-SowerThe Lord has done great things for them
When He restored them to their Land
They thought it was a dream.

The Lord has done great things for us
With laughter and great shouts of joy
True gladness is our theme.

Restore our fortunes, Lord, again
As rivers make the deserts bloom
Turn Winter into Spring.

Weeping we go out scatt’ring seeds
But we shall reap with shouts of joy
At harvest-time we’ll sing.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 125

jerusalem_aerial_from_se1Those who trust in the Lord
Like Zion stand secure
By trusting Adonai
They ever shall endure.

The Lord surrounds His people
Like mountains ‘round Jerusalem
Shielding the righteous dwelling place
So wickedness can’t rule them.

Do good, O Adonai, to the upright in heart
But banish all who turn aside to their own crooked ways
Remove all evil from our midst
Give peace to Israel all her days.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 124

Ps 124If the Lord had not been for us
If the Lord weren’t on our side
Then when enemies attacked us
They’d have swallowed us alive

Waves of fury and of anger
Like flood-waters o’er our head
Surely they would overwhelm us
And all Israel would be dead.

Bless the Lord who came to rescue
Would not let us be their prey
As a bird escapes the fowlers
We’ve escaped and got away.

Our help comes from the Lord above
Who made the heavens and earth
In Yahweh’s name we find our help
We will declare His worth.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 123

eyesWe look to You, O God,
enthroned in heav’n above

With anxious, waiting gaze,
The master’s humble slaves
Look to the guiding hand
What is Your next command?

We turn our eyes to You
For mercy and for love.

Have mercy, Adonai
Our soul has had its fill

The proud with mockery
Make our lives misery
They boast and mock and scoff
Refusing to back off

We need Your mercy, Lord,
Our troubled souls to still.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 122

Peace of JerusalemI was glad when to me they did say,
“Let us go to the house of Yahweh.”

Here we stand, Jerusalem, house of David and the Lord
At your gates all the tribes closely bound in one accord

Giving thanks to the Lord as decreed
Through the judgment halls of David we proceed

We will pray for the peace of Jerusalem
For protection and prosperity for all of them

For the sake of friends and family we pray
“May you know true peace in your home today.”

For the sake of Your house Yahweh Elohenu
I will pray that prosperity and good accrue.

I was glad when to me they did say,
“Let us go to the house of Yahweh.”

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 121

psalm121Unto the hills in vain I look, will my help come from there?
‘Tis Yahweh Who made heav’n and earth, my Helper, I declare.

He won’t allow your foot to slip, and never needs to doze
With vigilance our Watchman guards, all things He sees and knows.

Yahweh, Himself, is at your side, to keep you and protect
With Him to shade you day and night, nothing can you affect.

Yahweh preserves you from all ill, keeps watch o’er all you do
Where’re you go He’s close at hand, forever watching you.

© J Dan  Small