Psalm 144

psalm-144-1Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war
My steadfast love, deliverer, my shield and so much more
You make me fit for battle, Lord, and give me victory
How is it that you care so much for mortal men like me?

Our days are like a breath of air, a fleeting shadow passed
Lord, open wide the heavens now, come down with mighty blast
Hurl lightning bolts, shoot arrows, Lord, confuse the enemy
From lying lips of strangers, Lord, reach out and rescue me.

Then with my harp I’ll sing new songs, a song of praise to You
You rescue me from cruel swords, my enemies subdue.
In safety now, our sons can grow to full maturity
Our daughters, too, like pillars stand, in royal dignity.

Your blessing fills our barns with good, our flocks and herds increase
With safety and prosperity you bless our city’s streets
Such is the happy state of all who know You as their Lord
With untold blessings, loving care, their trust You do reward.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 60

A psalm[a] of David useful for teaching, regarding the time David fought Aram-naharaim and Aram-zobah, and Joab returned and killed 12,000 Edomites in the Valley of Salt. To be sung to the tune “Lily of the Testimony.”

O God, You have rejected us and we are broken down
Restore us to Your favor, Lord, remove the angry frown
You caused the earth to quake and split, repair the breaches now
Your people stagger and collapse with troubles You allow.

We raise the banner that You gave to those who fear Your name
In love and truth, by Your right hand, You’ll rescue us from shame
God, in His temple, has declared, “Behold, the land is Mine
Each tribe will have its portion there, I’ll draw the bound’ry line.

“I’ll make My helmet Ephraim, from Judah will rise kings
But Moab is My washpot and o’er Edom My shoe flings
The armies of Philistia will shout because of Me
My people, don’t lose heart but know, I will bring victory.”

But who will help us penetrate this city with its walls
And lead our troops to Edom, fighting hard until she falls?
It seems You have rejected us and with us do not fight
Without Your help our hope is lost, do You not see our plight?

You know that when it comes to war mere human help is vain
But with God’s help we’ll overcome, the victory attain
Yes, through our God success is sure, we will fight valiantly
And by His mighty pow’r at work will trample enemies.Ps 60

© 2014 J Dan Small