Psalm 148

StarsHallelujah!  Praise the Lord ye heavens in the heights
Praise Him all angels, heaven’s hosts, sun, moon, and stars so bright
Ye clouds and vapors high above by His command take flight
By His decree their bound’ries set, established day and night.

And from the earth and ocean depths all creatures too must praise
His word fulfill ye stormy blast, hail, snow, and fires that blaze
Mountains and hills, all kinds of trees, and all the beasts that graze
The creeping things and birds that fly must all their voices raise.

Kings, princes, rulers of the earth, young men and maidens, too
The children, elders of the land, His glorious works review
All praise the name of Adonai who has exalted you
We praise the Lord who brings us near and gives us strength anew.

© J Dan Small