Psalm 119 – ך Resh

Bible carriedRescue me, consider my affliction
Your law I don’t forget but keep with great conviction.

Redeem me, plead my cause I pray
You spoke Your word of promise, revive my life today.

Rebels Your salvation cannot know
because Your laws and statutes they forego.

Revive me in Your perfect justice, Lord
let tender mercies on Your servant be outpoured.

Replete with persecutors and enemies
but I’ll not swerve from Your testimonies.

Repulsed by how the traitors act
because Your word they won’t enact.

Restore, revive me in Your love
I love Your precepts from above.

Reliable and true, Your word is pure
forever will Your righteous laws endure.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 116

Rescue meI love the Lord who hears my prayer
Inclines His ear in loving care
I’ll call on Him while I have breath
And when engulfed by cords of death.

My soul with terror faced Sheol
I felt death’s fingers ‘round my soul
Midst anxious thoughts and inner strife
“Lord, I beseech You, save my life.”

How kind and good is Adonai
On His compassion we rely
The humble ones He will preserve
He cares far more than we deserve.

My soul, return now to your rest
By Adonai you have been blessed
Rescued from death and sorrows tears
No falt’ring steps need cause you fear.

I live and walk before the Lord
On earth my life has been restored
Amidst my pain I did believe
But not in men who do deceive.

With what could I repay the Lord
For all His benefits outpoured?
I’ll call upon His precious name
And from His hand salvation claim.

I’ll publicly fulfill my vow
In the assembly ‘fore Him bow
The death of saints in our Lord’s sight
Is precious when our souls take flight.

Your humble servant I remain
You freed me from death’s awful chains
I lift my offering of praise
Calling Your name my voice I raise.

I’ll publicly fulfill my vow
In the assembly ‘fore Him bow
In Jerus’lem’s courts with one accord
We’ll sing and shout, “Praise ye the Lord!”

© 2014  J Dan Small

Psalm 71

David harpI run to You, O Adonai, to rescue me from shame
Be Thou my Refuge, shelt’ring Rock, hide me in Thy great name
Your righteousness is sure to save, my constant hiding place
Deliver me from all my foes and trials that I face.

When I was in my mother’s womb You watched and cared for me
No wonder I’ve made You my hope, my praise continually
In awe and wonder others see the way that You protect
And I, in worship, all day long Your glory recollect.

As I get older my strength fails, please don’t abandon me
The enemies who seek my life think You no longer see
So hurry, God, oppose the proud and put them in their place
May all who seek to harm me end in shame and much disgrace.

But as for me, I’ll not lose hope, I’ll praise You more and more
I can’t keep count of Your great works, O Lord, whom I adore
There is no one like our great God who saves in righteousness
Day after day, continually, with my mouth I’ll confess.

O God, You’ve taught me from my youth, and now I’m old and gray
Do not forsake me now, O God, I’ve so much more to say
I’ll make sure each new generation learns about Your deeds
So they will know that they can trust in You for all their needs.

Your ways are right because You see from heaven far above
Who is like You, O Lord my God, so faithful in Your love?
Tho You have let me see deep trials, You bring me up again
You raise me from disgrace and pain and comfort as a friend.

Break out the instruments of praise, I’ll sing to You, my God
My lips will shout, my tongue exclaim, your faithfulness applaud
You rescued me from vicious foes, I can’t stop praising You
And those who tried to do me harm are utterly subdued.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 69

drowningSave me, O God,
I’m drowning in waters way over my head
Deeper and deeper, I feel like I’m sinking
My throat is so dry and I’m worn out from weeping,
My eyes are all swollen from tears I have shed.

I wait for my God
So many strong foes now against me array
They hate though against them no ill I devise
With false accusations and numerous lies
Things I did not steal they insist I repay.

You know me, O God
My folly and guilt is not hid from Your eyes
As for those who seek you and trust in Your name
Don’t let my disgrace end up bringing them shame
Dishonor and insults I cannot disguise.

For Your sake, O Lord
Insults intended for You fall on me
Estranged from my brothers, by family I’m spurned
My zeal for Your house this rejection has earned
It only gets worse when I weep bitterly.

I pray to You, Lord
I need You to rescue, Your favor to see
In Your lovingkindness my plight now address
As waters o’erwhelm me, by foes I’m oppressed
If You don’t deliver death will swallow me.

Answer me, O Lord
Your servant is hurting, do not hide Your face
Your mercies are good, Your compassions are great
Draw near to my soul, Lord, before it’s too late
You see all my foes, my reproach and disgrace.

You know them, Lord
My wicked opponents perceive my distress
They do not give comfort but poison instead
Let all their iniquities fall on their head
Pour out Your great wrath, do not give them success.

Your salvation, O God
My soul is afflicted, my body in pain
But You will deliver and raise me up strong
I’ll thank You and praise Your great name in my song
Which brings You more pleasure than animals slain.

Seek God for He hears
Encourage your hearts as you seek for His aid
The Lord listens closely to needy one’s cries
The humble and captives He will not despise
So praise Him Ye heavens and all that He made.

God will save
Though now for a season as captives you groan
Your offspring will one day inherit the land
He’ll rebuild your fortunes by His mighty hand
And all who love Him have a place of their own.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 59

wolfBackstory: Written by David as he hid in his house from Saul’s men who were sent to kill him.

Deliver, O my God, from my enemies
Set me out of reach somewhere on high
Fierce and ruthless men full of iniquities
Thirsty for my blood they terrify.

Look, they lie in wait with plans to take my life
I’ve done them no wrong to justify
Openly they gather stirring up more strife
Innocent, I plea to Adonai.

Awaken, Lord of Hosts, see how they stalk me
Punish evildoers everywhere
God, don’t spare these traitors or let them go free
Make them reap in full what is their share.

Just like prowling dogs all night they wander ‘round
Spewing wicked words and evil plots
Thinking they are safe, no one can hear their sound
Laughing, Adonai, You know their thoughts.

O God, You are my Strength, You are my Fortress
Confident, I watch, knowing You’ll come
Your grace and lovingkindness, Lord, is priceless
All my foes will soon be on the run.

Don’t wipe them out or people will forget You
Scatter them to wander to and fro
Bring them down, O Lord our Shield, their schemes undo
Make them reap the evil that they sow.

When You, in wrath, bring to an end the wicked
Men will know that You rule over all
When snarling dogs return and I’m afflicted
Songs will fill my heart, on You I’ll call.

The morning will bring songs about Your mercy
Joyfully, my Strength, I sing Your praise
My fortress and my Refuge provides safety
Grace, You give, to keep me all my days.

© 2014 J Dan Small

Psalm 35

Stand up for me, O Lord!
Do battle with my foes
Take up Your shield, draw out Your spear
Defeat all who oppose.

Within my soul declare
“I am your Savior, strong!”
May those who plot and seek my life
Be caught in their own wrong.

Like chaff before the wind
Your angels chase them all
They’ve dug a pit and set a snare
And into them they fall.

Then I will sing for joy
Your salvation proclaim
My bones will say “There’s none like You!”
Yes, “Savior” is Your name.

You rescue poor and weak
Who are oppressed, pursued
O’erwhelmed by might they can’t defeat
Their foes you have subdued.

Fierce witnesses rise up
Accusing me with lies
They return evil for my good
My soul in sorrow sighs.

When sickness was their lot
My heart was filled with tears
I fasted, prayed, and paced the floor
As for a loved-one dear.

But then when I was down
They gathered, full of glee
Mocking and slander would not cease
They gnashed their teeth at me.

How long will You look on?
Rescue from lion’s claws
Then all the saints will hear my praise
And join in my applause.

Do not let them succeed
Who wink and act so mean
They don’t speak peace but conceive lies
“Aha, our eyes have seen!”

But You have seen, O Lord
And must not silent be
Come to my aid, don’t let them gloat
Or rejoice over me.

Don’t let them say, “Aha!
We got what we desired”
Humble them, Lord, expose their shame
Who against me conspire.

Let shouts of joy be heard
From those who take my side
I’ll join in praising You who save
“The Lord be magnified!”

© 2014 J Dan Small