Psalm 71

David harpI run to You, O Adonai, to rescue me from shame
Be Thou my Refuge, shelt’ring Rock, hide me in Thy great name
Your righteousness is sure to save, my constant hiding place
Deliver me from all my foes and trials that I face.

When I was in my mother’s womb You watched and cared for me
No wonder I’ve made You my hope, my praise continually
In awe and wonder others see the way that You protect
And I, in worship, all day long Your glory recollect.

As I get older my strength fails, please don’t abandon me
The enemies who seek my life think You no longer see
So hurry, God, oppose the proud and put them in their place
May all who seek to harm me end in shame and much disgrace.

But as for me, I’ll not lose hope, I’ll praise You more and more
I can’t keep count of Your great works, O Lord, whom I adore
There is no one like our great God who saves in righteousness
Day after day, continually, with my mouth I’ll confess.

O God, You’ve taught me from my youth, and now I’m old and gray
Do not forsake me now, O God, I’ve so much more to say
I’ll make sure each new generation learns about Your deeds
So they will know that they can trust in You for all their needs.

Your ways are right because You see from heaven far above
Who is like You, O Lord my God, so faithful in Your love?
Tho You have let me see deep trials, You bring me up again
You raise me from disgrace and pain and comfort as a friend.

Break out the instruments of praise, I’ll sing to You, my God
My lips will shout, my tongue exclaim, your faithfulness applaud
You rescued me from vicious foes, I can’t stop praising You
And those who tried to do me harm are utterly subdued.

© 2014 J Dan Small