Psalm 116

Rescue meI love the Lord who hears my prayer
Inclines His ear in loving care
I’ll call on Him while I have breath
And when engulfed by cords of death.

My soul with terror faced Sheol
I felt death’s fingers ‘round my soul
Midst anxious thoughts and inner strife
“Lord, I beseech You, save my life.”

How kind and good is Adonai
On His compassion we rely
The humble ones He will preserve
He cares far more than we deserve.

My soul, return now to your rest
By Adonai you have been blessed
Rescued from death and sorrows tears
No falt’ring steps need cause you fear.

I live and walk before the Lord
On earth my life has been restored
Amidst my pain I did believe
But not in men who do deceive.

With what could I repay the Lord
For all His benefits outpoured?
I’ll call upon His precious name
And from His hand salvation claim.

I’ll publicly fulfill my vow
In the assembly ‘fore Him bow
The death of saints in our Lord’s sight
Is precious when our souls take flight.

Your humble servant I remain
You freed me from death’s awful chains
I lift my offering of praise
Calling Your name my voice I raise.

I’ll publicly fulfill my vow
In the assembly ‘fore Him bow
In Jerus’lem’s courts with one accord
We’ll sing and shout, “Praise ye the Lord!”

© 2014  J Dan Small

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