Psalm 120

liarUnto the Lord in my distress I cried and He heard me
From lying lips, deceitful tongues, deliver, Lord, I plead.

Just wait, you tongue that spews deceit, for what the Lord will do
With red-hot coals you’ll burn for sure, sharp arrows pierce you through.

Like living in a far-off land, barbarian and strange
To dwell with liars who for falsehood do the truth exchange.

Indeed, shalom is what I seek, beseeching I implore
But when I speak of peace to them all they desire is war.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 69

drowningSave me, O God,
I’m drowning in waters way over my head
Deeper and deeper, I feel like I’m sinking
My throat is so dry and I’m worn out from weeping,
My eyes are all swollen from tears I have shed.

I wait for my God
So many strong foes now against me array
They hate though against them no ill I devise
With false accusations and numerous lies
Things I did not steal they insist I repay.

You know me, O God
My folly and guilt is not hid from Your eyes
As for those who seek you and trust in Your name
Don’t let my disgrace end up bringing them shame
Dishonor and insults I cannot disguise.

For Your sake, O Lord
Insults intended for You fall on me
Estranged from my brothers, by family I’m spurned
My zeal for Your house this rejection has earned
It only gets worse when I weep bitterly.

I pray to You, Lord
I need You to rescue, Your favor to see
In Your lovingkindness my plight now address
As waters o’erwhelm me, by foes I’m oppressed
If You don’t deliver death will swallow me.

Answer me, O Lord
Your servant is hurting, do not hide Your face
Your mercies are good, Your compassions are great
Draw near to my soul, Lord, before it’s too late
You see all my foes, my reproach and disgrace.

You know them, Lord
My wicked opponents perceive my distress
They do not give comfort but poison instead
Let all their iniquities fall on their head
Pour out Your great wrath, do not give them success.

Your salvation, O God
My soul is afflicted, my body in pain
But You will deliver and raise me up strong
I’ll thank You and praise Your great name in my song
Which brings You more pleasure than animals slain.

Seek God for He hears
Encourage your hearts as you seek for His aid
The Lord listens closely to needy one’s cries
The humble and captives He will not despise
So praise Him Ye heavens and all that He made.

God will save
Though now for a season as captives you groan
Your offspring will one day inherit the land
He’ll rebuild your fortunes by His mighty hand
And all who love Him have a place of their own.

© 2014 J Dan Small