Psalm 59

wolfBackstory: Written by David as he hid in his house from Saul’s men who were sent to kill him.

Deliver, O my God, from my enemies
Set me out of reach somewhere on high
Fierce and ruthless men full of iniquities
Thirsty for my blood they terrify.

Look, they lie in wait with plans to take my life
I’ve done them no wrong to justify
Openly they gather stirring up more strife
Innocent, I plea to Adonai.

Awaken, Lord of Hosts, see how they stalk me
Punish evildoers everywhere
God, don’t spare these traitors or let them go free
Make them reap in full what is their share.

Just like prowling dogs all night they wander ‘round
Spewing wicked words and evil plots
Thinking they are safe, no one can hear their sound
Laughing, Adonai, You know their thoughts.

O God, You are my Strength, You are my Fortress
Confident, I watch, knowing You’ll come
Your grace and lovingkindness, Lord, is priceless
All my foes will soon be on the run.

Don’t wipe them out or people will forget You
Scatter them to wander to and fro
Bring them down, O Lord our Shield, their schemes undo
Make them reap the evil that they sow.

When You, in wrath, bring to an end the wicked
Men will know that You rule over all
When snarling dogs return and I’m afflicted
Songs will fill my heart, on You I’ll call.

The morning will bring songs about Your mercy
Joyfully, my Strength, I sing Your praise
My fortress and my Refuge provides safety
Grace, You give, to keep me all my days.

© 2014 J Dan Small

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