Psalm 35

Stand up for me, O Lord!
Do battle with my foes
Take up Your shield, draw out Your spear
Defeat all who oppose.

Within my soul declare
“I am your Savior, strong!”
May those who plot and seek my life
Be caught in their own wrong.

Like chaff before the wind
Your angels chase them all
They’ve dug a pit and set a snare
And into them they fall.

Then I will sing for joy
Your salvation proclaim
My bones will say “There’s none like You!”
Yes, “Savior” is Your name.

You rescue poor and weak
Who are oppressed, pursued
O’erwhelmed by might they can’t defeat
Their foes you have subdued.

Fierce witnesses rise up
Accusing me with lies
They return evil for my good
My soul in sorrow sighs.

When sickness was their lot
My heart was filled with tears
I fasted, prayed, and paced the floor
As for a loved-one dear.

But then when I was down
They gathered, full of glee
Mocking and slander would not cease
They gnashed their teeth at me.

How long will You look on?
Rescue from lion’s claws
Then all the saints will hear my praise
And join in my applause.

Do not let them succeed
Who wink and act so mean
They don’t speak peace but conceive lies
“Aha, our eyes have seen!”

But You have seen, O Lord
And must not silent be
Come to my aid, don’t let them gloat
Or rejoice over me.

Don’t let them say, “Aha!
We got what we desired”
Humble them, Lord, expose their shame
Who against me conspire.

Let shouts of joy be heard
From those who take my side
I’ll join in praising You who save
“The Lord be magnified!”

© 2014 J Dan Small