Psalm 119 – ע Ayin*

praying hands‘a·śî·ṯî, I’ve done what is just and is right
do not abandon me to oppressors plight.

‘a·rōḇ, guarantee Your blessing to Your servant, I pray
shield from the proud who would harass me today.

‘ê·nay,  my eyes are straining to see how You’ll save
how You’ll keep Your good promise, the word that You gave.

‘ă·śêh, deal with Your servant in mercy and grace
teach me Your statutes, Your laws I’ll embrace.

‘aḇ·də·ḵā, Your servant I am, help me understand
the purpose and meaning of all Your commands.

‘êṯ, it’s time, Adonai, that You take some clear action
Against all their sins, their misdeeds and infractions.

‘al, therefore Your commandments I love and I cherish
much more than fine gold which eventu’lly will perish.

‘al, because all Your precepts I honor as true
I hate every false way, all evil eschew.

* This is a silent letter in Hebrew, perhaps similar to our “h” in honor, herb, or hour.  Rather than utilize a variety of such English words that begin with a silent letter I have opted to implement the Hebrew word transliterated followed by the English equivalent.

© J Dan  Small