Psalm 128

BlessingsWhat blessings fill the lives of all who fear the Lord
By walking in His ways, great joy is your reward.
The work you do will prosper
And your wife a fruitful vine
Like olive trees in blossom
‘Round your table kids recline
Oh, what blessings come to everyone who fears His name
Countless treasures and rewards are theirs to claim.

The Lord bless you out of Zion
May you prosper all your days
May you see your children’s children
As you walk in all His ways
May shalom be on God’s people
As they fix on Him their gaze.

© J Dan Small

Psalm 120

liarUnto the Lord in my distress I cried and He heard me
From lying lips, deceitful tongues, deliver, Lord, I plead.

Just wait, you tongue that spews deceit, for what the Lord will do
With red-hot coals you’ll burn for sure, sharp arrows pierce you through.

Like living in a far-off land, barbarian and strange
To dwell with liars who for falsehood do the truth exchange.

Indeed, shalom is what I seek, beseeching I implore
But when I speak of peace to them all they desire is war.

© J Dan  Small

Psalm 119 – ש Sin/Shin

Studying-TorahSlandered and picked on by princes for naught
my heart stands in awe of the words you have taught.

śāś, (שָׂ֣שׂ)  rejoicing in Your word I take so much pleasure
like someone who while searching discovers a vast treasure.

Surely I hate and abhor those who lie
Your Torah I love and with its truths ally.

Seven times throughout the day
I praise You for Your righteous ways.

Shalom, great peace have all who love Thy law
ne’er shall they stumble, nor from its truths withdraw.

Salvation from You, Lord, is the longing of my heart
Your mitzvoth I obey and from them won’t depart.

Seeking Your instruction my soul finds delight
I love it oh so much, its truths I will recite.

Search me and know me, my life’s an open book
I keep Your testimonies and to Your word I look.

© J Dan  Small