Psalm 119 – ק Qoph

dawn qā·rā·ṯî, I cried with all my heart
answer me, Yahweh, I’ll ne’er depart.

qə·rā·ṯî·ḵā, I cried to You, Lord, won’t You save?
I’ll keep Your commands and I won’t misbehave.

Quite early I rise, even long before dawn
and cry out for help, Your word leaning upon.

qid·də·mū, anticipation wakes me in the night
to ponder Your promise always brings delight.

Quicken, revive me because You are just
in grace, hear my voice, Adonai whom I trust.

qā·rə·ḇū, they close in on me with their plots
while wandering far from the laws You have taught.

qā·rō·wḇ, You are near to me, Yahweh, my Lord
Your mitzvoth are true and they bring great reward.

qe·ḏem, long ago I learned Your commands
were made to endure, they forever will stand.

© J Dan  Small